Chapter 1: God Gene

On the rugged rocks beside the mountain stream, a boy dressed in black pressed down onto the dark outer shell of a beetle. The beetle which was long light a crab, but also had a resemblance of a unicorn emitted metallic luster.

On his other hand, the boy held a dagger. With speed and agility, he cut off the struggling claws of the beetle and peeled open the shell, revealing white succulent meat.

Without any hesitation, the black dressed boy, like you would a crab, sucked out the meat from the claws, throwing it into his mouth and chewing before directly swallowing it.

[Hunted black-shelled beetle, Did not obtain beast spirit, Consuming black-shelled beetle meet, chance to obtain 0-10 points of gene.]

[Consumed black-shelled beetle meat, gene +0]

A strange sound resounded in Hansen’s head, alongside a string of information which appeared in his mind.

[Hansen: Yet to evolve

Rank: NIL

Longevity: 200

Genes required to evolve god body: 100

Genes obtained: 79

Beast Spirits owned: NIL

“It has been over 30 black-shelled beetles that haven’t given me any gene points, looks like I have over-consumed their meat such that they are unable to improve my body. Not even one gene point… At this rate when will I be able to complete my first evolution and obtain my rank?” A troubled expression appeared on Hansen’s face.

A hundred years ago, human technology had reached incredible heights achieving the ability of space time manipulation. However when they tried using it, they were shocked to realise that they were neither transported to the past, or to the future.

They were even unable to warp to another planet. At the end of the wormhole, was a totally different world.

It was one that was unimaginable to humans. In this world, all technology had lost its power.

Submachine guns were of lesser used as compared to knives; and various bombs and nuclear weapons were unable to explode in this world, being as useful as a pile of scrap metal; various machinery and electronic equipment were also unable to function.

Many types of scary creatures roamed this knew world, causing the humans, who once stood at the top of the food chain due to their superior intellect and technological ability, to be the bottom feeders in this new world.

However, once humans killed off the relatively weaker beasts in the world and ate their meat, they were astonished to find out that their own bodies changed tremendously, improving and evolving at rates unexplained by science.

What was more surprising was that in this world, as human’s bodies evolved, their longevity also increased, shocking the whole of mankind.

In the subsequent 100 years, more and more humans entered this world known as <God’s Sanctuary>. They gradually understood the rules of this world, killing creatures of this planet and evolving their bodies. As their bodies strengthened, their lifespans increased. In theory, if one continued to improve their bodies, immortality would not be an impossibility.

In a world where technology is totally useless, the only thing that could aid the humans would be the primitive fighting techniques. Once tossed aside and neglected by society, the primitive martial arts brought out an unimaginable effect in this new world.

Various new types of martial arts were rediscovered and over 100 years of improvement and passing down, new martial arts factions were created, alongside new types of martial arts.

Aside from primitive martial arts, God’s Sanctuary also had a type of power which gave humans much help. This were beast spirits.

Hunting creatures in God’s Sanctuary, there would definitely be a chance to obtain beast spirits. Once used, the beast spirits which came in many shapes and dorms, could be directly summoned by humans to fight alongside them, some others could transform into armor and weapons.

Other types of beast spirits could aid in bodily transformation, letting humans transform into terrifying beasts or fly up high as godly birds, or dig deep down into the earth as insects and worms.

Whether it was primitive martial arts, or beast spirits, they all had nothing to do with Hansen.

Even in a technological society, the most advanced technologies would always be grasped and used by the minority.

Hansen went through the integrated education system, one that all must go through before they become of age at 16, learning all the basic martial arts that everyone knew.

As for beast spirits, they were expensive products. Even low grade beast spirits weren’t something the poor Hansen could afford.

Without strong martial arts or the help of beast spirits, being unable to afford even manmade high quality alloyed weapons, Hansen had a terrible starting point in God’s Sanctuary. Only being able to kill low levelled creatures to improve his body.

However, as one ate more and more low quality meat, its effects on the body would lessen, causing Hansen who at this point had entered God’s Sanctuary for over 3 months, to be unable to complete his first bodily evolution.

It was not like Hansen didn’t try to kill the stronger beasts, however, even the weaker ones like the copper tooth beast nearly killed him, causing him to take nearly 1 month to recuperate.

At this point, Han Sen had killed all the low-level creatures around him, almost eating  all of their flesh. However, they were of no use. If he does not risk his life to hunt high-level creatures, it would be impossible for his body to evolve.

Just as Hansen was deciding whether or not to try to kill a bronze tooth beast, he spotted a creature crawling out from the stream at the corner of his eye.

Hansen thought it was a black-shelled beetle, but then again, black-shelled beetles were black-shelled, while this one was a bright gold color.

Hansen turned his gaze to the creature climbing out. It really was a black-shelled beetle, however, this one was different. Its body was as big as a basketball, it had a golden tinge to it, like a statue carved out of gold, especially its eyes, they were like clear as golden crystals. If one didn’t look carefully, he wouldn’t have thought of it to be a living thing.

“Why is this black-shelled beetle so weird?” Hansen stood stationary as he started at the beetle.

In this period of time, Hansen had slain many beetles, causing him to have a great understanding of the creature. Their vision was bad, but their audio abilities were sensitive. As long as he did not move, even if he was right in front of the beetle, it would still have not noticed him.

Hansen stared motionlessly at the beetle, however, he did not expect it to crawl towards him.

Without hesitation, when the beetle crawled right beside Hansen, with lighting fast speed, Hansen pressed onto its shell, stabbing the dagger which was grasped in his other hand into its weakest joint. Slashing it from side to side with fluidity, cleanly cutting off the 6 claws of the gold colored black-shelled beetle.

He took the opportunity when the struggling beetle flipped onto its stomach, to stab the dagger into the white mark on its stomach, causing the beetle to stop moving.

[Hunted God-blood black-shelled beetle, obtained god-blood beast spirit.

Consuming god-blood black-shelled beetle meat, chance to obtain 0-10 god gene points]







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