Chapter 2: Crazy butt devil

Hansen was astounded by the unexpected voice in his head, refusing to believe that what he heard was true.

God-blood level creature… God-blood level beast spirit…

Beasts in God’s Sanctuary were split into normal beasts, primitive beasts, mutated beasts and god-blood level beasts.

At the moment, humans have discovered 4 different spaces in God’s Sanctuary, requiring them to evolve before being able to proceed to the next space. The stronger the gene used to evolve the body, the higher chance the person have to survive in the next space.

Nothing needed to be said about god-blood beast spirits which were the pinnacle of beast spirits, being able to be sold for sky high prices.

After Hansen recollected his composure, he peeled open the shell of the god-blood beetle, seemingly trembling as he did so. It revealed the jelly-like tender meat which he cut and placed into his mouth.

[Consumed god-blood beetle meat, obtained 1 god gene]

Feeling the warmth from swallowing the meat as well as hearing the notification in his mind, Hansen was so touched he nearly cried.

Without caring about anything else, he grabbed the claw of the god-blood black shelled beetle and sucked the meat out. AS he swallowed it into his tummy, he felt a warmth encapsulate him and his blood boil.

There was little difference between eating the black-shelled beetle and eating crab. After finishing up the 6 claws, Hansen opened up the shell and ate the meat inside.

[Consumed god-blood beetle meat, obtained 1 god gene]

[Consumed god-blood beetle meat, obtained 1 god gene]


Unceasing notifications sounded in Hansen’s mind, causing him to feel like he was on cloud 9.

As Hansen continued to cut the meat happily, the dagger in his hand hit onto something hard, causing a loud “dang” sound, causing him to freeze.

Moving the dagger away and following the wound, Hansen pushed the meat aside, revealing a corner of a black colored metal. As Hansen continued to push the meat aside, the whole piece of metal was quickly exposed.

At first Hansen thought it was a piece of metal, however upon inspecting the whole piece, it looked more liked a black crystal the size of a pigeon egg.

Hansen grasped the crystal in his hand and found nothing special. It was just like a nice rounded black pebble.

However upon closer inspection, the crystal looked like it was hiding millions of stars as it revolved and evolved, beautiful beyond description.

“This place is the weakest area of God’s Sanctuary, even primitive level creatures do not appear here.. How did a god-blood level beast appear? And no one has ever heard of such a weak beast like the black-shelled beetle being able to reach god-blood level. And even if it does, this god-blood level has to be too weak. What if the appearance of a god-blood level beetle had something to do with the black crystal?” Hansen pondered to himself.

Being unable to think of a conclusive reason, Hansen continued to finish the rest of the meat, causing his tummy to swell up as if it was about to explode. In total, he obtained 7 points of god genes.

7 god genes.. If it was before, Hansen would not even dare to think such a thought. With his background no matter how hard he worked, with how hard a god-blood beast was, even a primitive creature was something Hansen had to risk his life to kill.. The chances for him to kill a god-blood beast was too minute,

The remaining shell of the beetle was also a precious material. Hansen picked up the claws and together with the shell, placed it all in his pocket.

A normal black-shelled beetle’s shell had little to no value, however a god-blood level one, when used to make soup, after drinking could possibly help him obtain 1 or 2 god gene points.

It was Hansen’s first time consuming a god-blood level creature, based on logic, it should give him 10 points, the meat only gave him 7 so the rest should be in the shell.

If Hansen went to sell the shell, the money obtained would be sufficient for Hansen to buy a good personal flying equipment.

Heading back to steel armor sanctuary, walking on the streets, all the passers-by were badmouthing Hansen, causing no one to dare approach him.

Originally, most people who enter the sanctuary even if they were poor, would be able to team up with others and hunt beasts, definitely not end up in such a poor state like Hansen.

However, in the entire steel armor sanctuary, there was no one who was willing, or better put, courageous enough to have any relationship with Hansen.

More than 3 months ago when Hansen first entered into God’s Sanctuary, the first time he walked out of the sanctuary, and turned a corner, he found a white bodied one eyed giant wolf which was bigger than humans even when standing on all fours back facing Hansen.

Without any hesitation, Hansen grabbed onto his dagger and stabbed into the butt of the beast.

That stab caused Hansen and Qinxuan to become the biggest joke in the entire steel armor sanctuary.

That’s right. The one eyed giant wolf wasn’t a beast. It was like Hansen, a human who could use a beast spirit to transform.

And that human was Qinxuan, the most powerful women in armor sanctuary, one could most possibly use god genes to complete her first bodily evolution and thus step onto the road of evolution.

A first timer into armor sanctuary stabbed Qinxuan’s butt, this became the biggest joke in the sanctuary. However no one dared to bring in up in front of Qinxuan but behind her back, everyone were laughing till they cramped.

‘Crazy butt devil’ henceforth became the nickname of Hansen in steel armor sanctuary.

Qinxuan whose embarrassment turned into rage let it be known that whoever dares to be with Hansen would be her enemy.

In steel armor sanctuary, there were little to no people who could rival Qinxuan in strength and even if they could, no one would risk animosity with her because of a ‘crazy butt devil’ that they don’t know well.

This was the reason why Hansen had such a tough life. However, he did not blame Qinxuan as this was his own fault. First time entering the sanctuary as such he was nervous, this coupled with knowing the difference between a beast and a transformed human, caused him to make such an unforgivable mistake.

Hansen was even thankful that Qinxuan did not kill him in a fit of anger.

The only other thing he felt thankful about was that humans could not control where they were transported to in god’s sanctuary. As such, non of his friends and family were in steel armor sanctuary, thus no one knew about that situation.









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