Chapter 3: God-blood Armor

Hansen went back into his room and started the fire. He poured water into a pot and threw the claws and shell of the god-blood black shelled beetle to cook.

As Hansen did not have any tools, or knowledge of any other method, he could only use such primitive methods of dealing with the claws and shells, to extract the essence from within.

One to two hours were insufficient to extract the essence from god-blood level shells. Thus Hansen closed the lid of the pot and turned his attention to the black crystal.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not figure anything out.

Suddenly, Hansen’s gaze landed on a green scaled beast kept in a cage at the corner of his room, he suddenly got an idea.

The green scaled beast, like the black-shelled beetle were basic beasts. Hansen had hunted them and brought them back as food to enhance his own genes.

However, the more meat of the green scaled beast he ate, the less of an enhancement he received. As such, Hansen could not be bothered to eat them anymore, leaving one in which he totally forgot about.

He grabbed the lifeless green scaled beast. At this point, Hansen hesitated before putting the black crystal in his hand at the side of the beast’s mouth, preparing to shove it in.

Who knew that the moment the green scaled beast saw the black crystal, that he would gain the energy to spit out his tongue, wrapping around the black crystal and consuming it.

“Wow this crystal is special!” Hansen stared wide-eyed as he found that after the green-scaled beast swallowed the crystal, it regained its energy and power, clawing around relentlessly, even turning its head and trying to bite at Hansen’s hand which was holding onto its neck.

Hansen threw the green scaled beast back into its cage and examined it only to find that the beast which did not eat anything in weeks had completely regained its energy, behaving as wild as when Hansen had first captured it.

Hansen sat facing the cage, his mind roughly guessing what had happened. If his conjecture was right, he might have just obtained a godly object, one more sought after than god-blood beasts.

However, Hansen was still skeptical about whether his conjecture was right, so he continued to examine the green scaled beast, hoping to see chances that he craved for.

As Hansen was too nervous, he opened his eyes and stared for not sure how long a length of time. At this point, the delicious scent of bone soup drafted out of the pot, causing Hansen to feel a little hungry, the feeling of an empty stomach was unbearable.

Looking at the time, 24 hours had already passed. Hansen turned around to check on the pot, only to see the golden color of the black-shelled beetle had already been cooked to a pale golden color and the soup was now radiating that golden radiance. This and the nice smell, had caused Hansen to be unable to resist and swallow his saliva.

Just as Hansen was about to scoop a bowl of soup, the sound of metal breaking could be heard. Hansen turned his head, only to see the green-scaled beast bite off a metal piece of the cage, sticking his head halfway out of the cage.

The originally pale green body of the beast was now dark green. It teeth now sharp and the ends of its claws were like metal rods, about to claw its way out of the cage.

Hansen was both shocked and happy. He pulled out the dagger which was stuck in his waist and stabbed into the abs of the green beast. He moved it around a bit and the once struggling beast stopped moving.

[Hunted primitive green-scaled beast. Did not obtain beast spirit. Consuming meat of green-scaled beast, chance to obtain 0-10 primitive genes]

The weird sound sounded in Hansen’s head, causing Hansen to be stunned.

“Primitive green-scaled beast… Primitive green-scaled beast… That black crystal can really cause the beasts to evolve…”Hansen couldn’t react as he was hit with the sudden joy.

After a long time, Hansen jumped out, using the dagger to open to stomach of the green-scaled beast, grabbing the black crystal from within. He didn’t care about the blood which stained the crystal and kissed it furiously twice before cleaning it and grasping it like a treasure.

“That god-blood black-shelled beetle became god-blood level only because of the crystal… If I continued to let the green-scaled beast evolve, doesn’t it mean that it would also become god-blood level?” Hansen didn’t want to continue his thinking as that was simply too astounding.

A touched Hansen grabbed onto the crystal as he shook from the shock. He bit his tongue, the subsequent yell from the pain reminded him that he wasn’t in a dream.

After a long time of happiness and celebration, Hansen carefully kept the black crystal. He quickly finished the soup in the pot, obtaining one more point of god gene, causing his total god gene point to rise to 8 points.

Hansen recalled when he killed the god-blood black shelled beetle that he had obtained a god-blood beast spirit, causing him to check on its information.

[Hansen: Yet to evolve

Rank: NIL

Longevity: 200

God body evolution requirement: 100 gene points

Gene points: 79 gene points, 8 god genes

Beast spirit: God-blood black-shelled beetle

God-blood black shelled beetle: armor type]

“I wonder what does the armor of the god-blood black shelled beetle look like?” As Hansen gave it a slight thought, a streak of gold flew out from blank space, looking exactly like the golden colored black-shelled beetle.

As the black-shelled beetle flew towards Hansen’s chest, it turned into a golden fluid which covered Hansen’s whole body. It encapsulated Hansen whole almost instantly, covering even his hair.

The golden armor which was filled with explosiveness and power wrapped Hansen within, it was like the primitive European armor combined with modern aerodynamic studies, the artwork was exquisite.

The whole armor was filled with speed and beauty, making his whole body seem slender and magnificent, like he was filled with a sudden explosiveness.

The golden shine of the gold like armor had a bit of grandeur to it, displaying a solid feel. On closer inspection, it looked like the armor of a golden knight.

The only difference would be that the god-blood black shelled armor covered the whole of Hansen’s body, only the joints were exposed, similar to the black shelled beetle which was its only weak point.

Hansen shook around his body, trying to get a feel of his new armor. Not only did he not feel any burden or restriction, he even felt lighter and filled with vigor and vitality.

“No wonder its worthy to be a god-blood beast’s armor. Compared to those I see in the sanctuary, those primitive level armor from primitive beast spirits, it was don’t know how many times grander. Before when he looked at people wearing primitive beast armor, he was so envious and jealous. Never did he think that there would be a day when he would obtain a god-blood level armor of his own.





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