Chapter 4: Ancestral Home

“The CEO of Yate Corporation Zhao Yalong has completed his third evolution, ascending to the forth space in God’s Sanctuary. He becomes the 83rd person in history to enter the fourth space. Longevity reaches 500, achieved half-god rank…”

“The genius Lange from the planet of Lei kete has ascended to the second space using 100 points of mutated gene points. Longevity has reached 300, obtained evolutionary rank…”

“Member of the house of lords Hai Mingwei, killed a half-god level god-blood star of the ocean, becoming the first to kill one of that level…”

“According to experts, they predict that there will be a 4thly evolved evolutionary in 10 years, giving him entry to the 5th space…”


AS Hansen teleported out of the steel armor sanctuary, the news was displayed on the virtual screen.

“Evolutionary, transcendent, half-god, with the black crystal, I will definitely reach that level, even exceeding that level.” Hansen clenched his fist, striding away from the teleportation station, and sitting on the maglev rail train back towards his home.

Just as he reached his home, even before entering the yard, he heard the loud sarcastic voice of a woman.

“Luo Sulan, you dare to occupy the ancestral home of the Han family? I can tell you, this home is what my parents left for me. Now that big brother is not around, our Han family will not bully a widow. What was that of big brother’s we already given you, however if u want to own sole possession of the home, that we would not agree.

“Yes, the ancestral home was originally mom and dad’s property. We as children all have a share. What right do you have to take it all? You have already stayed here for over 20 years, that’s already being nice to you. Now its time to split the inheritance.” A middle-aged man sounded.

“Second brother is right. You have already stayed here for 20 years. We wont care about the rent but as this house is an inheritance, we have to split it.” A gentle sounding but filled with nefarious intentions young man added.

“We already calculated it with our lawyer. The house is worth 3 million. If you give us each 1 million, then this house is yours. If not we will sell it and split the money, anyway works. Sister-in-law, what is your take on this..” A young woman continued.

“Second sister is right, now that brother is gone, we wont bully you. We will follow what you say, either you give us the money or we sell the house. WE don’t care.” The original sarcastic sounding woman said.

“Second brother, third sister… Theres no use forcing me, our family’s bad situation is not something you don’t know about. Where can we get 2 million from?” a woman pleaded.

“Then sell the house”

“If we sell the house then where will we stay… Hansen just graduated, Yaner is going to start school” the woman said pitifully.

“Sister-in-law.. That isn’t a nice way to put it… Do you think only your family is facing tough times? Hansen and Yaner are only studying in integrated school while our Han Hao is studying in a private school. The monthly fees are causing we so much worries that my white hair are growing out.”

“Third sister is right. Everyone is facing tough times. Whose family does not need money? Won’t selling the house be good? With the money everyone will be happy and you will have the money needed to send Yaner to school.” A feminine sounding male voice rang out.

“Regardless, you are going to give us money or sell the house. Its your choice.” The woman said coldly.

Hansen raged as he listened on from outside. He pushed open the door and saw his mother and Yaner crying. His five year old sister laid in his mother’s arms, face and eyes filled with fear staring at the 2 man and woman who were looking on with grins on their faces.

“Do you all still have the face to come to the ancestral home?”n Hansen pointed to the fat woman and raged:” Aunt, when you were working on the finances at the old company, you made us tens of millions in debt, who was crying to dad then to ask him to help make it up?”

” Hansen what nonsense are you sprouting? Who made what debt? Don’t accuse me!” The gentle sounding man shouted at Hansen.

“and you uncle. You used company funds to invest, losing millions. You kneeled on the floor towards dad, asking him to help.” Hansen pointed towards the skinny and feminine looking guy and shouted.

“Second uncle. You owed a bulk of debt due to gambling and was nearly forced to suicide. Who helped you then?” Hansen pointed to plumb looking man and said.

“Xingyu corporation wanted to eat our company. If it wasn’t for my dad wanting to fight for our family, why would he have died? And you guys… When they died you didn’t even attend the funeral and even went to sell the company to Xingyu Corporation. The money from the sales you didn’t even give a cent to us. And you… When you married who gave you your house? When grandpa and grandma were alive, you didn’t taken care of them, now you dare to show face here?”

“Don’t sprout nonsense, it was all big brother’s judgement and action. The company was left down by my father, we also have a share in it. There’s nothing wrong with us spending our own money.” The second uncle Han Lei said without remorse.

“Second brother is right. Your dad held onto the company refusing to release it. We are just taking back what was supposed to be ours. No matter what you say today is useless. You either give us our money or sell the house. Make your choice or we will see you in court. No matter how this is fought, you will definitely lose.” Aunt Han Yu shouted, straining her throat.

“That’s right. Its all your father’s fault.” The few people blamed Hansen’s late father.

Hansen was already trembling from anger, his heart feeling wronged for his father. When his dad took over the company, it was only worth a few hundred thousand. It was his hard work that made the company thrive. However there were several times when he had to help pay the debts of his brothers and sisters, causing the company to nearly fold. His unexplained death was also because of his company. Now even his wife and children needs to be bullied by these wolves.

When Hansen’s dad was still alive, he always said that they were one family, there was no need to bicker so much, how the irony that sounds now.

If their family were facing money problems, Hansen would accept it. But they each drove their own private aircraft, each worth millions. When the company was sold for a few hundred million, non were given to Hansen and his family. No matter how much they spent, it was impossible that they did not have one million.


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