Chapter 5: Blast Mantis

Han Yu Mei and Han Lei bickered on in Hansen’s home, leaving the harsh words that either they sell the house within the month or they will see them in court, before leaving.

“Its all mom’s fault. I couldn’t even keep the ancestral home.” Luo Sulan hugged Hansen as she cried.

Luo Sulan was a gentle and innocent woman. Hansen’s father protected her like a princess when she was still alive. Needless to say, she did not do any housework, not knowing how to even sweep. When Hansen’s dad passed away, her being able to bring up Hansen and his sister was something Hansen felt wasn’t easy.

“Mom don’t be scared. Dad is gone but there’s still me. I wont let anyone take away our ancestral home. You rest for a while, I will go ask uncle Zhang.” Hansen called the legal advisor which was also his father’s good friend.

“Uncle… I’m little Sen… Does your back still hurt lately? I have some legal questions I need to ask you…” After finishing the conversation, Hansen’s faced turned very unsightly.

Now he can confirm that Han Yu Mei wasn’t wrong, they were in fact entitled to a portion of the inheritance. If they were to go to court, the end result would be like what she said, either sell the house or pay them money.

“Little Sen, what did Uncle Zhang say?” Luo Sulan asked Hansen nervously.

“Relax mom. Ive already asked him and there’s already been a solution. Just relax and take care of Little Yan. Leave the rest to me and rest assured, the house wont be taken by anyone.” Hansen said laughingly.

“Good…Good” Luo Sulan heaved a sigh of relief.

After resting the night at home, the next morning Hansen took the train back to the teleportation station and back into God’s Sanctuary.

The place he appeared in was his room in steel armor sanctuary. Whenever humans were teleported to god’s sanctuary, they would be sent to a specific room which only they themselves could enter. No matter how others tried, they were unable to enter into other’s rooms.

Before completing his first evolution and entering the second space, this would be Hansen’s home in god’s Sanctuary.

The current Hansen had no power or money so the only way he could preserve the ancestral home would be to earn 2 million in a month.

Although he was unwilling, before he had any strength or power, this was the only way.

2 million, to a boy that just graduated, was a sky high sum of money.

The old Hansen could not even earn 2 million in a year. But all has changed now. In fact if he didn’t cook the shell of the god-blood black shelled beetle, just the shell alone would have been worth 1-2 million.

Now without the shell, Hansen still had the black crystal which could make beast evolve. With that, what is two million to him?

Looking at the corpse of the green-scaled beast, Hansen hesitated before picking it up, using his dagger to debone it. He baked dry the rest of the meet into jerky before keeping it into the bag beside his waist.

He need to go out and catch a live beast and evolve it using the crystal before selling the high class meat.

However, now with the god-blood ranked armor, Hansen could go and kill primitive beasts.

It takes a day for normal beasts to evolve to primitive beasts and primitive beasts couldn’t see for high prices. 2 million wasn’t a small amount so Hansen needed to evolve at least two mutated beasts to have enough.

Primitive creatures could be found tens of miles away from steel armor sanctuary. The old Hansen wouldn’t dare to venture there but now he was different.

However, Hansen’s choice wasn’t the weakest primitive creature the copper tooth beast, but rather the blast mantis which often appeared in fallen valley.

Although blast mantises were primitive creatures, and their bodies were considered weak, normal alloyed daggers when hitting its switch spot can kill them, however they were fast and a normal human couldn’t catch up with its speed. Its front limb were like metal, able to rip off a man’s head. If anyone was hit by the blast mantis, even if he didn’t die he would be paralyzed so very few humans would go and hunt the blast mantis.

As for Hansen, there was no better choice. It was an primitive beast so no matter how strong it was it couldn’t break open its god-blood level armor. As long as it couldn’t hurt him, he could easily kill the blast mantis.

What was most important was that after cutting off the front legs and wings, the blast mantis would have lost all fighting ability. However it wouldn’t die and Hansen could feed it in his room and evolve it using the black crystal, before killing it and selling its meat.

If his luck was good and obtained a beast spirit from killing the blast mantises, that would be a lot better.

The beast spirit of the blast mantis was a weapon type spirit which was a jagged shaped long dagger, which was exactly what Hansen specialised in.

Although the jagged long dagger was an primitive level beast spirit, but its destructive ability and sharpness could be compared to that of mutated level beast spirits.

However, because hunting blast mantises were too dangerous, few people will go to fallen valley so few people obtained a jagged long dagger. Occasionally when its placed out for sale, it would be sold for sky high prices.

If he was able to get one beast spirit by luck, Hansen wouldn’t need to sell mutated level beasts. He just needed to sell the beast spirit to get 2 million.

The nearer he got to the fallen valley, the lesser the people around him. As he was right in the vicinity of the valley, there were no traces of humans left. It was true that there were little to no humans who step foot there.

Hansen also did not dare to venture too deep. He just found a secretive spot and summoned the god-blood armor. He took in a deep breath before entering the valley.

Hansen also did not dare to move too quickly. The trees and wild grass flourished in the fallen valley. As the wind blew into the valley, the trees and grass never stopped moving, swaying from left to right. This made it difficult to spot the blast mantises hiding within. If one was not careful, he would be decapitated by a blast mantis jumping out of hiding.


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