Chapter 6: The World is mine with this armor

All of the sudden, Hansen’s eyes focused on a meter long green object which resembled a leaf, sticking out from the grass patch. If one did not look carefully, he would mistake it for an ordinary piece of leaf, one would not expect it to be a blast mantis capable of human decapitation.

On close examination of the jagged dagger shaped front limbs of the blast mantis, it was longer than its body. Its shade of green different from that of its body. The pair of arms had a metallic luster whose strength was no weaker than high grade alloyed metal.

Hansen’s luck wasn’t bad. He was first to spot the blast mantis and not it who spotted him first. It slowly crept towards the blast mantis, brain calculating the rough distance in which he had a possibility of being spotted.

At around that distance of around 2 meters, Hansen did not there to get any closer for fear of losing his chance to attack the blast mantis.

As he grasped tightly onto the dagger, he rushed out from the bushes slashing at the waist of the blast mantis with speed and ferocity.

However, Hansen underestimated the speed and reaction of the blast mantis. When he just emerged from the bush, the blast mantis noticed him and spread its wings and flew a few meters high. He flew in the sky like a gust, flying instantly into Hansen’s face, striking onto his head and not giving Hansen any time to react.

Hansen was shocked and took a step back. When the hit landed, the sound of metal resounding could be heard. Hansen felt as his head was hit by a rock, a little uncomfortable but not even a mark was left on his armor.

Hansen was ecstatic. He slashed the dagger in his hand and stabbed into the waist of the mantis, cutting its body into half, blood splattering all over his body.

However, Hansen didn’t mind at all as the sound of bliss sounded in his mind./

[Killed primitive beast blast mantis, did not obtain beast spirit, consuming meat of blast spirit chance to obtain 0-10 points of primitive gene.]

“HAHA. With this armor in hand, Ill conquer the world! With this, ill kill whoever I want and no one will be able to kill me. I have nothing to fear.” Hansen touched the decapitated head of the mantis, himself moved beyond measure.

With his newfound confidence, Hansen did not try to hide himself and rushed into the fallen valley with his dagger, causing many blast mantises to attack him.

However when their attacks landed on his armor, they didn’t deal any damage. In turn Hansen stabbed them one after another. In a blink of an eye, he killed 4 to 5 blast mantises.

[Killed primitive beast blast mantis, did not obtain beast spirit, consuming meat of blast spirit chance to obtain 0-10 points of primitive gene.]

[Killed primitive beast blast mantis, did not obtain beast spirit, consuming meat of blast spirit chance to obtain 0-10 points of primitive gene.]


Unceasing amounts of notifications resounded in Hanseng’s mind, making him unbelievably happy. He continued killing as he charged into the valley, killing 20 more blast mantises.

Su Xiaoqiao grumbled unceasingly on her way to the fallen valley.

His family ran a cross galactic corporation, and he had both the titles of a celebrity and a noble. Just so happens that he was teleported to steel armor sanctuary, a place where they had no friends or relationship with people at.

To obtain the title of a noble, Su Xiaoqiao could only go under Qinxuan’s command, in hope to obtain 100 gene points to evolve, obtaining the rank of noble in the galaxy.

Left galactic alliance’s has two titles, one is celebrity, which upon becoming a transcendent, one would be able to go to the alliance and obtain the title. The noble title, as long as one evolved using mutated genes, could gain recognition from the alliance, becoming a noble.

Regardless of celebrity or noble, they would be able to obtain huge amounts of benefits from the galactic alliance. Most importantly, that was also a sign of power and standing. The importance of ranking and power in the galactic alliance has been growing stronger and stronger. If one didn’t even have a noble rank, many celebrities will not even talk to you, even treating you as a lower being when having business dealings.

God-blood nobles were not a rank that Su Xiaoqiao dared to dream of, as long as he could get 100 mutated gene, obtaining him the rank of normal noble, he would be satisfied, this was also his parents’ demand.

However only depending on himself, wanting to obtain 100 mutated genes was simply too difficult. Although he brought large amounts of money to the sanctuary, it was useless. Many would sell basic or primitive beasts for money but not mutated level beasts.

Only people like Qinxuan who wanted to evolve using god genes could possibly sell the mutated beast meat but the cost wouldn’t be money but his allegiance to her.

Su Xiaoqiao was now being a helper of Qinxuan, going to places people would rarely go to find signs of god-blood leveled beasts or mutated level beasts. He would pass this information to Qinxuan who would in turn hunt them and split the profits and rewards with him, them being mutated beast meat.

Su Xiaoqiao has spend over a month helping. He did not find any mutated beasts, less god-blood level beasts. His items and consumables were nearly used up, so he could only return to steel armor sanctuary. As he walked passed fallen valley, he wanted to enter to see if someplace where little humans entered could breed mutated beasts.

However as he entered carefully into fallen valley, he felt something was off.

He did not find a single blast mantis. Not even one. After venturing hundreds of meters in, he could only see messy tracks but not a single blast mantis was found.

“Did someone clear out all the blast mantises in fallen valley? Was it brother fist or Shen Tianzi. Wait that’s not right. There are signs of fighting but if a large group of man were brought in, there shouldn’t be so little…” Su Xiaoqiao was astounded, as he quickened his footsteps into the the valley, wanting to see what was going on.

As expected, Su xiaoqiao saw the blood trails of many blast mantises. He followed them and as he rounded a corner, what he saw shocked him.

A mountain of blast mantis bodies were strewn on the grown, a guy which exuded golden light stood beside it. As the sun shone on him, he looked like a metal robot.




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