Chapter 7: Gold Coin

“Big Brother, these blast mantis were killed by you?” Su Xiaoqiao examined Hansen, apart from this guy in gold armor, there were no other people around.

Look at all these blast mantis bodies whose blood were not completely dry, clearly they were just killed. Su Xiaoqiao was in disbelief that so many blast mantises could be killed in such a short time by one person.

Blast mantises although only primitive level, but its sharp mantis arms were so fast that even if people had maxed out their original genes, they still wouldn’t dare to provoke it.

After all, the human body had many weaknesses, if struck by a carefully hidden blast mantis, even if he doesn’t die he would definitely be hurt and no one would like to take such a risk.

The blast mantises here accounted to about 30-40. If someone wanted to kill so many, even if it was Qinxuan, still needed to bring a large number of helpers. To say that one person would be able to do so in such a short time was something that Su Xiaoqiao couldn’t believe.

“Do you want it? 1 thousand for 1” Hansen was originally stressing about how he would dispose of all these mantises since he couldn’t carry them all back and he couldn’t consume them all alone. Even if he did, only the first few would have an enhancing effect on his body.

“One thousand for one? Are you sure?” Su Xiaoqiao looked at Hansen with shock. Primitive creatures although many could kill, however there was still more demand than supply, especially one like the blast mantis, which little people had ever tasted.

As human’s energy had limits, the same type of meat could only provide a portion of primitive gene. Eat anymore and you have to switch up to other beast’s meats to continue to increase primitive genes.

However those with the financial ability will spend their money to buy beasts that he didn’t eat, to achieve 100 gene points.

Those beasts which were normally easily hunted and killed, could only be sold for a few hundred a piece, however the rarer once like the blast mantis could be sold for 2-3 and people would still buy it.

Su Xiaoqiao calculated that at 1 thousand a piece, he could double and triple the money as long as he transports them back.

“That’s right, 1 thousand a piece” Hansen nodded his head.

It wasn’t as if Hansen did not know the value of the meat was at 2-3 thousand, but as he had so many and no means of transporting them back, if it was just him alone, he would have to make several trips to bring them all back.

If he left this place, his meat would probably be looted by someone else.

Furthermore, Hansen also did not want to spend time and energy to do such a thing. He had better things to do. As such a thousand dollar was something that he could accept, treating it as he was selling them wholesale, giving the buyer some room for profit.

“Great! Ill take them all. How much are there altogether?” Su Xiaoqiao agreed immediately as these blast mantises were not only going to be sold for money.

Primitive Beasts like the blast mantises which people had no chance of tasting were something he could use to gain favors from others. As long as their primitive genes were not maxed out, no one would refuse such a good offer.

“There is a total of 43. Ill give u a discount and treat it as 40k.” Hansen originally asked it as a formality but he didn’t expect the guy in front of him who didn’t look special to actually be a rich lad and buy it all.

Su Xiaoqiao took out his wallet and retrieved 10 10thousand dollar notes:” Big brother, these blast mantises count them as 50k. The remaining will be future payment. If you have such good meat just find me directly. We can discuss on the price, and if there are mutated meat, I will offer a high price to buy them.”

100 thousand was nothing to Su Xiaoqiao. His usual feast cost much more than that. Seeing that someone could kill so many mantises alone, Xiaoqiao realised that his power was unmeasurable, probably being able to kill mutated beasts. If he could get some mutated meat, what was 100-200thousand? He would willingly pay 10  times that amount.

“Couldn’t see that you were so rich.” Hansen took the money without any hesitation, examining Su Xiaoqiao with amazement.

“I have nothing to hide. Now all I have is money. If big brother has mutated meat to sell, you have to tell me! The price is definitely not an issue.” Su Xiaoqiao was afraid that Hansen would not give him a chance, enforcing the issue.

“Good! Tell me your name and address. Ill look for you if I have anything good.” Seeing Xiaoqiao spend money without thinking, Hansen who was thinking about evolving a mutated beast to sell thought that Xiaoqiao was a good choice.

After all, an evolved mutated creature was something less people found out the better.

And selling to a person who wasn’t short of cash, he didn’t need to be afraid of the price not being right.

“Big brother, my name is Su Xiaoqiao. That is my real name. I live in room 1046 in steel armor sanctuary. How should I address you big brother and which room do you live in?”

“Jin Bi(translates to gold coin). I only recognise jin bi. Get ready the money and once I have something good I will find you at your room.” Hansen shoved the cash into his pocket, before waving by to Su Xiaoqiao and leaving the valley.

After what happened to his father, Xiaoqiao didn’t want to have dealings with many people. He just wanted to take care of his family and do whatever he wanted. He didn’t care much about other things.

“Brother bi, I will wait for you. You have to come. Don’t worry, money isnt a problem.”

After Hansen left, Su Xiaoqiao calmed himself down. He exclaimed:” Wow.. So many blast mantises, how am I supposed to get everything back?”

Su Xiaoqiao considered all options before deciding to carry some back. As for the rest, he will ask his friends to help him out.

Luckily for him, not much people visited fallen valley. When Su Xiaoqiao brought people back, the bodies of the blast mantises were left untouched.

“Xiaoqiao, you aren’t joking right? How did one person kill so many?” Those who followed Su Xiaoqiao were wide eyed upon seeing the pile of bodies.

“What would I gain from bluffing all of you. Although I didn’t see him act, but he was the only one hear and the mantises just died so if it was not him then who?” Su Xiaoqiao said.

“The way I see it, he definitely killed it with a group of friends and then they left, leaving him to deal with the bodies. How can one person do this?”

“He’s definitely bragging”

The people who came alongside Su Xiaoqiao did not believe that this was the work of one person.






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