Chapter 8: Primitive Monster Spirit

After Hansen left Fallen Valley, he did not head straight back to Steel Armor Sanctuary.

He simply felt too good killing all the blast mantises, not even leaving one alive.

“Forget it… Let’s go kill a copper teeth beast instead. There are so many of them around the sanctuary and the chances of finding a mutated one are also higher. When I produce more mutated copper tooth beasts no one will suspect a thing.” Hansen found a group of them along the way, preparing to capture one to take back home.

However as he was unable to find a lone beast and instead found a pack of 4-5, he killed all of them except one, abusing the strength of his armor.

[Killed primitive copper tooth beast, did not obtain beast spirit. Consuming meat chance to obtain 0-10 primitive genes.]

[Killed primitive copper tooth beast, obtained primitive copper tooth beast spirit. Consuming meat chance to obtain 0-10 primitive genes.]

Hansen stared in disbelief. He have killed over 30-40 blast mantises and a thousand basic level beasts before this but did not even obtain a single beast spirit. He just killed 2 copper tooth beasts and has already obtained one.

“Fate…Beast spirits is all about fate…”Hansen was filled with happiness and shock. Although the beast spirit of the copper tooth beast was very common, it didn’t mean that it was weak.

The strength of the copper tooth beast although weak compared to other primitive level beasts, however its beast spirit was something that many yearned for.

With a slight thought, a bronze light shined out from the air, transforming into a bronze crescent gun which landed in Hansen’s hand.

The body of the crescent guns glowed bronze, giving off a chilling feel to anyone that laid eyes on it.

Primitive copper tooth beast beast spirit: Weapon type

Hansen waved the crescent gun with gusto. As he had learned a bit about guns during the integrated education, added with the fact that he had an interest in all types of weapons, Hansen definitely had a bit of skill in gunmanship.

After playing with the guns for a while, Hansen placed it aside before grabbing the copper tooth beast and heading back.

He found a empty place before keeping his god-blood armor. Then, he carried the knocked-out copper tooth beast back to the shelter on his back.

When he walked to the big gate at the entrance of the sanctuary, a large group of 10 rushed out from inside, all riding some form of high-levelled beast spirit mounts. The leader wore a steel armor and had a bloodstained sword at his waist. He was on the back of a terrifying looking three horned dinosaur, looking overbearing and mighty, causing anyone who looked on to be envious and jealous.

The leader was Shen Tianzi, one of the three people in steel armor sanctuary who planned to evolve their body using god genes. His real name and identity was unknown but in the sanctuary, he held a very high position.

Hansen rested on the side of a wall with the copper tooth beast on his back, preparing to wait for the group to pass him before taking any further action. However, who knew that when the leader passed him, that he would stop his mount.


Shen Tianzi looked at Hansen and waved his hand, causing a poisonous snake looking whip to smack onto the back of Hansen. Not only did the copper tooth beast that he was carrying drop on the ground, the clothes on his back were also ripped apart, revealing a bloody centipede like wound.

“Who is so bold to dare sell you an primitive level beast?” Shen Tianzi stared at Hansen condescendingly and asked Hansen coldly.

In the steel armor sanctuary, everyone knew thatShen Tianzi was an admirer of Qinxuan. It was natural that Hansen who stabbed Qinxuan’s butt would be an enemy of Shen Tianzi and the reason for the current state of Hansen was largely due to Shen Tianzi.

After he found out that Hansen had stabbed Qinxuan, he found a group of men to beat up Hansen before announcing that whoever dared to deal with Hansen would be the enemy of him.

“I hunted it myself” Hansen stared back coldly, clenching his fist.

Shen Tianzi had a high level of gene points and had great strength. He also had many beast spirits and a group of men under him. Even if Hansen fought to his death, he would not even be able to hurt him a single bit. Even with the god-blood armor, he wouldn’t be able to get close before being mauled by the group of men.

God’s sanctuary was different from the normal world such that there was no law here. It was a place where absolute power ruled. Even if he tried, he would definitely die. And if Shen Tianzi tried to kill him, he would, with his status, not receive any punishment.

Hansen wasn’t afraid of death but what he was afraid was that if he died, that his mother and sister would be bullied.

“If I found out who helped you, I will let him die a terrible death.” Shen Tianzi swept the crowd and announced, not even taking a look at Hansen.

“Crazy butt devil stop causing any more trouble. If not we don’t mind teaching you a lesson.” Luo Tianyang snickered coldly, riding his black horned horse and chasing after Shen Tianzi.

It was Luo Tianyang who helped beat up Hansen back in the day. He was one of Shen Tianzi’s right hand men as both of them knew each other back in the outside world.

Hansen looked on as the group left, his eyes displaying a shred of coldness. Hansen silently picked up the copper tooth beast from the ground as he walked back into the sanctuary with all the passers-by looking on.

“Strength..I need more strength..” Hansen felt rage building up within him as he had newfound determination. If he wanted to fight a group of men, his current strength was insufficient.

However, he had the overpowered black crystal in his possession.

“Shen Tianzi, why don’t we kill that boy? Why are we giving him a chance?” Tianyang said.

Shen Tianzi laughed:” Qinxuan is too stubborn and doesn’t like others intervening in her business. Since she said that she wouldn’t kill him, if I did, it wouldn’t make her happy and would rather make her angry with me.”

“That Qinxuan really doesn’t have any taste.. You chasing her is a blessing for her yet she acts like shes above all. If it wasn’t for you I would have killed her already.” Shen Tianzi’s other confidant replied.

“Don’t look down on her. No matter is it in the alliance or the sanctuary, she is an amazing woman. If I were able to get her, I would receive a lot of help be it here or in the alliance. Let’s not talk about this; we need to rush to sunset slope before brother fist kills the god-blood level beast.”


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