Chapter 9: God-Blood Beast

Hansen returned back to his room and locked up the copper tooth beast in a cage. He placed the black crystal beside its mouth as it opened wide, greedily swallowing the crystal.

Hansen waited for a day and voila! Magical changes did indeed happen to the copper tooth beast. Its original swine like grey fur had a copper tinge to it. Its tooth also appeared brighter.

However, this wasn’t the true mutated copper tooth beast. The real one had a copper colored body, looking like a copper statue. Whereas this copper tooth beast only had a tinge of copper color, being very far off a real mutated beast.

“Seems like evolving from primitive level to mutated level isn’t as easy as evolving from basic to primitive level. One day isn’t enough.” Hansen sighed to himself.

After waiting for two days, the copper color on the beast’s body looked thicker. However it still didn’t look like it would transform into a mutated level beast any time soon.

Hansen could only let it slowly evolve. He prepared to head out to hunt more primitive level beasts to sell for money. He would also consume some to increase his primitive genes.

Even if he did not use primitive level genes to evolve, as long as he accumulated a large enough number, his body will still transform. The same goes with basic and mutated genes.

Hansen had the black crystal, making maxing out all four genes an easy matter. Before he achieved a 100 god genes, he would try his best to max out the other 3 genes.

Hansen left his room and walked out onto the streets of the silver armor sanctuary. He felt weird as the amount of people seemed to have decreased, seeming a lot different from the bustling city of past days.

“What’s going on?” As Hansen passed by the square, he realised that the amount of shopowners have also decreased. The remaining few people around were deep in conversation.

Hansen listened in from the side, roughly grasping the situation. In the past few days, some one saw a god-blood level beast at sunset slope and when the 3 superpowers in the sanctuary food out, they brought their men and rushed out.

However, it was a tragedy. No one managed to kill the god-blood beast and many died as a result.

Today, Qinxuan brother fist and Shen Tianzi all came to an agreement to work together to kill the god-blood beast. They hired a few soloists and small groups to go together as sort of the first large scale hunt in the sanctuary.

Hansen’s eyes lit up as he rushed out of the sanctuary. He summoned his golden armor and started jogging. After about two hours, he finally reached the small mountain which stood at the side of sunset slope.

It was with much difficulty which Hansen climbed up to the mountain peak. He gazed towards the sunset slope only to see a group of a thousand engaging in killing. And in the middle of the group was a half human half cow beast. In its hands was a double edged axe, which he swung around, so powerful that no one could block it.

The beast swung its golden axe towards Shen Tianzi. Even though he had his blood red sword, he was totally unable to block the beast’s axe. Its legs flew off the back of his dinosaur mount and his body flinging far out of the crowd.


As the beast with the golden axe landed his strike on the 3 horned dinosaur beast spirit, it split its body directly into half.

Shen Tianzi was so angry that he nearly spit out blood. That was his favorite mount and it actually was killed by the god-blood beast… A mutated level mount was something that could only be obtained by fate and not asked for. It was even enough to exchange for a small sized inter-galactic spaceship.

“That god-blood beast is so strong?”  Hansen was astonished beyond words.

The god-blood beast engaged in killing in the midst of the thousand men, going as it wished. With the combination of his power and his axe, even Qinxuan, Shen Tianzi or Brother fist couldn’t face it head to head. Even the many alloyed arrows and beast spirit arrows could even hurt its skin. With a swing of its axe, 3 meters was the space that nothing could enter. This was power.

This was the god-blood level beast in Hansen’s memory. Comparatively, the god-blood black shelled beetle which he killed was so much weaker. It wasn’t like a god-blood beast at all, only slightly stronger than a normal black shelled beast.

Originally, the large group of people could hold back the god-blood beast. But the sudden lost of Shen Tianzi’s mount was like losing an important barrier, causing the beast to go berserk and swing his axe like a golden Ferris wheel. At that moment, there were cries for mom and dad as fresh blood and flesh flew around. All that was seen was the god-blood beast rampaging out of the group.

As it galloped to the mountain opening, the god-blood beast even turned around, raising its arms and giving a loud roar before venturing into the mountain range.

“Dammit.. It still dares to run.” Shen Tianzi raged. He opened his arm as a green eagle beast spirit flew out, transforming into a metal bow which landed in his hand. In his other hand appeared a six-winged bee which transformed into a crimson red arrow.

“God-blood level poisonous six-winged beast spirit!” Qinxuan and Brother fist couldn’t resist and exclaimed.

Originally, it was them who helped out in slaying the god-blood level poisonous six-winged beast. It was only because they worked together such that Shen Tianzi could manage to kill it. Never did they think he would be lucky enough to obtain a god-blood level beast spirit from it.

That was an actual god-blood level beast spirit. In the entire steel armor sanctuary, there were definitely not more than 10 and more than half were left behind when the older people left for the second space.

“Shen Tianzi.. But that’s a one time off beast spirit.. If it doesn’t kill the beast…” Luo Tianyang shouted out, but it was too late.

In a moment of fury,Shen Tianzi had already placed the arrow on the bow and pulled the string. The poisonous six-winged bee arrow turned into a streak of red light as it surged towards the god-blood beast.


The when the god-blood beast felt danger and turned around, the arrow had already plunged into his chest. The instant explosion caused the chest of the god-blood beast to burst open, causing blood and organs to spurt out. The god-blood beast fell on the ground, taking its dying breath.

“You even dare to kill the mount of I, Shen Tianzi. How can I let you live?’ With the bow in hand, Shen Tianzi said coldly, like a ruler of a country, his words shook the hearts of the masses.

Seeing the shocked expressions of everyone, even Qinxuan, Shen Tianzi was silently pleased. However at that moment, a silhouette shot down from the sky and stabbed into the body of the god-blood beast, killing it.

What happened next was a golden armored man rushing down from the mountain. In a blink of an eye he had reached the god-blood beast. In one sweep he grabbed the doubled edged axe, resting it on his back and running back towards the mountains.

“Brother Bi!” Su Xiaoqiao exclaimed as he recognised the golden armor.






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