Chapter 10: Blood Slayer

As Hansen hid himself on top of the rock shaped mountain, the god-blood beast actually ran in his direction. Just when he was hesitating whether to retreat, Shen Tianzi unbelievably shot down the god-blood beast with one arrow.

At that moment, courage grew in Hansen as he rushed down the rock-shaped mountain and summoned his crescent shaped gun and tossed it like he would a spear, stabbing right into the chest of the already wounded beast. AS it stabbed into the wound, the already near dead god-blood creature died.

[Killed god-blood blood slayer, obtained god-blood level blood slayer beast spirit, consuming blood slayer meat chance to obtain 0-10 god gene points]

The notification sounded in Hansen’s mind, the bliss he felt was so immense that he thought his heart was going to explode. That shot actually netted him a god-blood level beast spirit. This was something that he couldn’t believe as the chances were so low that it was pitiful.

However, Hansen did not have any time to celebrate. The body of the blood slayer was too big so he could not carry it away, but the double edged axe was a different story.

Beasts in the sanctuary were able to nurture and create their own weapons. These were known as treasures. Though the treasures couldn’t transform like beast spirits, their values were definitely comparable.

When the god-blood beast was wielding the axe, it was invincible. Any normal beast spirit or mount was easy chopped into smithereens by the axe, obviously it was a high grade god-blood weapon.

Hansen’s goal was the golden ax, and to be able to get the beast spirit of the blood slayer, was an unexpected surprise.

Seeing as Hansen carried the axe and ran into the mountain range, everyone was stunned. This was totally unexpected.

“**** your mother.” Shen Tianzi bellowed after he regained his senses. He summoned a black horned horse before crazily chasing after Hansen.

Shen Tianzi’s group of followers also regained their composure and quickly urged their mounts to charge in Hansen’s direction, while angrily scolding him at the same time.

Hansen did not expect the golden axe to be so freakishly heavy. He had already obtained 8 points of god genes so his strength was incomparable to before. However he was already finding it hard to carry the axe and walk, let alone run away with it.

“It was so easy for the blood slayer.. Who knew this axe would be so heavy… How am I suppose to run away with this?” Hansen turned his head only to see Shen Tianzi and his followers were already 500 metres behind.

He couldn’t carry the axe away but the thought of throwing away such a treasure was too much of a pity to Hansen. It was at this point he remembered the new beast spirit that he had obtained. When he glanced at it, joy appeared in his eyes.

[God-blood blood slayer beast spirit: Fusion type]

Without thinking, Hansen called out the beast spirit of the blood slayer, only top see a majestic light shine and a shadow pop out which looked exactly like the blood slayer. The only thing missing was the double edged axe.

The beast spirit of the blood slaughter rushed towards Hansen’s body, instantly fusing with him. Hansen’s body underwent a mystical change, transforming into the blood slayer and his gold armor also underwent changes, encapsulating the transformed Hansen.

After all it was a god-blood level armor, it wasn’t as rigid as man-made armor and as such could change sizes to fit the user.

After fusing, Hansen could feel his body filled with energy. His original body which couldn’t even carry the axe could now wield it like it was nothing. He moved his four hooves and galloped forward, his speed reaching unthinkable heights.

Hansen opened up his stride and charged out of the mountain range, instantly opening up the distance between himself and the chasing pack. He continued forwards, leaving a trail of dust behind him, eventually disappearing into the old forest.

Everyone were stunned. This all happened too quickly. When everyone regained their sense, they are had weird looks on their faces as they looked on at Tianzi and his entourage as they continued to chase after Hansen.

That guy appeared out of no where and not only stole the double edged golden axe. He actually obtained a god-blood beast spirit. And all of this had originally belonged to Shen Tianzi.

“Who was that guy? He even dared to steal food from a tiger’s mouth. That axe and that beast spirit is enough to make that guy rich!”

“Money? Do you think you can buy a god-blood beast spirit with just money?”

“HAHA. Shen Tianzi is bound to vomit blood this time. God-blood beast spirit.. It’s a god-blood beast spirit. It should have been his and now it has been stolen from right under his nose.”

“That arrow that he used should have been a one time use god-blood beast spirit… Wow so much money, even being able to use such an item. In the end… Hahaha.. I cannot…”

“The way I see it, if Shen Tianzi will not only spit out blood but is also going to go crazy.”

“I really did not expect a beast spirit will appear. That person really has a good life. If he went to kill one himself, he might not even be able to do so, even if he did, killing 10 of god-blood level beasts might not even give one god-blood beast spirit. He ksed one and actually got it.”

“Who is that guy? When did such a guy appear in our steel armor sanctuary?”

“I remembered hearing someone shout brother bi… Don’t know who that was shouting for him”

‘Brother Bi! Haha such a good name… He really is NB(Stands for niubi in chinese which is a vulgar slang for saying someone is cool)

After about an hour Shen Tianzi and his men came back with disappointment written all over their faces. This was actually expected by everyone as the mountains ranges had so many hiding spots, it was impossible to find him.

After Shen Tianzi came back, he immediately questioned Su Xiaoqiao. This was all because he shouted Brother Bi.

Su Xiaoqiao had no choice but to share everything about him and Hansen. However what he shared was useless as he did not know anything about Hansen other than that he was called Brother Bi.

Although Shen Tianzi did not believe him fully, he had no choice as Su Xiaoqiao was one of Qinxuan’s men. He couldn’t bring her in and force her to confess and could only bring his men back to the sanctuary and keep it on lockdown. He swore that he would find Brother Bi and cut him into a million pieces.

The normal people didn’t know of Jin Bi but the name Brother Bi spread like wildfire. Brother Bi, Shen Tianzi and the god-blood beast instantly became the hot topics in steel armor sanctuary.




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