Chapter 11: Who is Jin Bi

Hansen was digging a hole at one corner at the foot of the mountain, preparing to bury the golden double-edged axe in it.


Although he used the blood slayer transformation to escape the clutches of Shen Tianzi, there was still a limit to the time he could stay in the transformed state.

Transformation type beast spirits could be regarded as the strongest type of beast spirits as they directly allowed the user to obtain terrifying strengths. However, these types of beast spirits also had the largest amounts of restrictions. As they directly acted on the user’s body and transformed him, if the user wasn’t strong enough then he would be unable to sustain and withstand the effects of the changes.

The stronger the beast, the stronger the human’s body needed to withstand the pain and harm of the transformation.

In a normal situation, if one used a primitive level transformation spirit and his body had 1 point of primitive gene, he could last 1 minute in a perfect transformation. His body will not be harmed and if the user had 10 points of primitive gene then he would be able to last for 10 minutes.

If one had mutated genes, then with one mutated gene point, he would be able to last 10 minutes in a perfect primitive beast spirit transformation. On the contrary, if one had 10 points of primitive genes, he would be able to last 1 minute in a mutated beast spirit transformation.

The blood slayer was a god-blood level creature. Hansen had 8 points of god genes so he could only last for 8 minutes. Adding up his other genes, he could last for no more than 10 minutes in a transformed state.

It was sufficient to use to escape, however if Hansen wanted to fight with Tianzi and his group, he could at most kill 1 or 2 of them.

No one is able to see the beast spirit, however the axe was totally different as he could not keep it like a normal beast spirit. Hansen had made an enemy of Tianzi and added with the fact that it was a joint operation with brother fist and Qinxuan, he had offended all 3 big powers in the sanctuary. He naturally could not bring the axe back and could thus only bury it first in the meantime.

“If only I could sell off the golden axe…. Then I wouldn’t need to worry about the 2 million.” Hansen buried the golden axe, his heart still buzzing with excitement.

Although a god-blood treasure wasn’t as valuable than a god-blood beast spirit, it was still a priceless object which could go for a lot more than 2 million.

As for the god-blood beast spirit, Hansen did not even think about selling it. This was the tool that was going to solidify his position in the sanctuary and selling it would be like killing the chicken that lays you eggs.

After he went back to steel armor sanctuary, from afar he could see Luo Tianyang bringing large amounts of people to guard the gates, checking everyone who entered.

“Its not like they can see what kind of beast spirit.” With the golden axe buried, Hansen had nothing to fear.

When Hansen walked near the gate, he too was naturally stopped as a guy wanted to search. Luo Tianyang coldly said:” Stop wasting time on that rubbish… Its not like a useless guy like him would be Jin Bi.”

“F*** off, stop being an eye-sore here.” The teen pushed Hansen viciously before turning around and searching others.

Hansen took a glance at Tianyang and snickered as he walked towards steel armor sanctuary.

Everyone on the streets were talking about what had happened at sunset slope. He could only hear ‘Brother Bi’ Brother Bi’ being mentioned. He cursed under his breath:” Its all that stupid Su Xiaoqiao’s fault… Why did he have to call me Brother Bi, now it has became such a vulgar name.”

However when he heard that Shen Tianzi was so mad he nearly thrashed his house, Hansen felt very comfortable as he took refreshing big steps back to his own room.

In a room, a bewildered Su Xiaoqiao stood in front of Qinxuan, tears nearly flowing out of his eyes. “Sister Xuan please believe me. I have already told you what I’ve known and I really don’t know him. I only met him at fallen valley and bought meat of blast mantises from him. I actually gave the meat to some of our brothers so if u don’t believe me you can go ask Little Liu. They were the ones who helped me carry the mantises back.”

“I’m not punishing you. I just want you to contact him and tell him that I’m wiling to spend anything to purchase the god-blood beast spirit and the treasure. Ask him to quote his own price.” Qinxuan said calmly.

“But I really don’t know where he is.” A troubled Su Xiaoqiao replied.

“Then go out and search until you find him. And don’t let anyone else know about it, do it secretly. If you succeed I will reward you handsomely.” Upon finishing, Qinxuan waved Xiaoqiao away.

Seeing the stressed out Xiaoqiao leave, Qinxuan frowned as she asked herself:” Who can he be? Is he a man of Brother fist? Or a scene created by Shen Tianzi? If he doesn’t belong to any one of the 3 powers then can I get him to join me? If I cant, it would be good enough for me to purchase the axe and the beast spirit.”

At the exact same time, Brother Fist too sent his own men to secretly find Jin Bi, hoping to obtain the treasure and beast spirit.

Although it was an alliance of the three big powers, the only one that lost anything was Shen Tianzi. If it wasn’t for the god-blood beast spirit arrow that Tianzi had used, the god-blood beast would have definitely escaped. Now they could get the god-blood meat as agreed upon which was an unexpectedly good outcome.

On the other hand, Shen Tianzi lost a mutated beast spirit mount and his god-blood beast spirit arrow and in return someone stole the treasure and god-blood beast spirit that should have belonged to him. This was sufficient to make anyhow vomit blood.

The whole steel armor sanctuary was looking for Jin Bi, but no one could expect that Jin Bi and Crazy butt devil were one of the same and no one would even think to link the two together.

Shen Tianzi also set up a bounty on his life, even paying money for information on Jin Bi. The monetary some being so high that Hansen nearly wanted to turn himself in to obtain the money.

[Consumed primitive green scaled beast. Primitive gene +1]

Hansen crouched in a bush, staring at the deep pool not far from him as he chewed on the jerky made from the green scaled beast’s meat.

Now, Hansen had obtained 91 normal gene points and 26 primitive genes. He had 0 mutated points and 8 god gene points.

As the copper tooth beast slowly evolved, Hansen could only go out and hunt for primitive level beasts to obtain some primitive genes.

The god-blood level armor was too eye-catching so he could only walk towards the deepest parts of the mountain range where no one visited to prevent himself from being spotted by Shen Tianzi and his man.

Luckily for him, humans were too minute as compared to the vast world of God’s Sanctuary. They were like hair on a cow’s back. There were so many places that were left undiscovered so to find Hansen was harder than ascending to heaven.

As Hansen continued to stare at the deep pool, the sudden shout from afar caused his expression to harden.



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