Chapter 12: Who is Trash?

In no time at all, Hansen spotted a wounded, tired looking teen walking towards the deep pond.

“Friend. There are metal tooth sharks in the pool.” Hansen came out from the bushes and informed the young man from afar.

His reason for warning the young teen was not only so that he didn’t go over and scare away the metal tooth sharks and as such waste his bait that he had set up, but also him being nice.

The young lad looked very tired and with so many scars and wounds on his body, was in a very bad shape. If he went to the pool to drink and was attacked by the metal tooth sharks, there was a high chance that he would lose his life.

As the young man looked at Hansen, he was first stunned before an expression of joy appeared on his face. He stared down and Hansen condescendingly and asked:” Where is glory sanctuary?”

“Glory Sanctuary?” Hansen was astonished. “This is the tekelisi mountain range north of steel armor sanctuary. I don’t know where the glory sanctuary is.”

“Steel Armor Sanctuary? I actually ventured out so far such that I reach the vicinity of another sanctuary?” The young man muttered to himself before raising his head and looking at Hansen:” bring me to the sanctuary”

Hansen frowned hearing the authoritative tone of the young man. He replied calmly: “If u walk south from here, as long as you don’t walk too slowly, you will reach the sanctuary by nightfall. I still have to hunt so I won’t be following you.”

Just as Hansen was about to head back into the bushes, The young man burst into action, aiming a punch at the back of Hansen, causing him to fall onto the ground and hit his head on a rock, instantly bleeding.

“What are you doing?” Hansen rubbed onto the wound before standing up and staring at the young man with anger.

“You only need to obey me quietly and just bring me back to the sanctuary.”

“Go f*** yourself” Hansen called out the crescent gun and stabbed towards the young man.

“The three part basic technique of the integrated education… What rubbish. Even if my beast spirits were destroyed while I was crossing the mountain range, I am not something rubbish like you can face.” The young man glanced at Hansen before using his palm as a knife and slicing at the crescent gun.

His hand was actually like goat fat, exuding a jade like feel, looking totally different from a human hand, like something cut out of jade.


The beast spirit turned crescent gun was actually easily destroyed by the young man’s palm like cutting wood.

“Super Gene art!” Hansen exclaimed in fear, his hand wielding half a crescent gun.

Technology was useless in God’s Sanctuary but primitive techniques were of great use in this new world.

After humans obtained gene points, the once god-like primitive arts became something that humans could perform.

However what was used wasn’t chi as mentioned in primitive texts but rather a certain power of the gene. The stronger the gene and the body, the stronger the effect of the primitive art.

After much research and analysis, the primitive arts could awaken the potential of the gene, causing power to explode out of the gene and giving the user incredible strength. These types of primitive arts were known as <Primitive Gene Arts>

However the methods of learning such martial arts were closely related to primitive martial arts, as such there were many unsolved mysteries. Training methods were kept by the higher strata of society, making them very hard to learn.

People like Hansen whom graduated from integrated education had no chance of learning an primitive gene art.

Only people who went into high levelled education schools could have a chance to learn a common primitive gene art.

If one were to compare hunting and gaining genes as a process of changing dirt into metal, then primitive gene arts would be transforming a metal into a weapon or knife.

Obtaining genes was like obtaining power but the primitive gene arts were a teaching of how to use those powers.

“Didn’t know trash like you could recognise my primitive gene art.” The young man coldly snickered “I’ll give you one last chance. Bring me there or die.”

After saying that, the young man raised up his hand like how you would treat a prisoner on death roll, preparing to strike Hansen if he had any bad thoughts.

“I’ll bring your sister.” Hansen was furious as he summoned his armor, encapsulating himself as he kicked out at the young man.

“Since you wish to die, Ill fulfil that wish.” The young man coldly struck down towards Hansen’s leg.


The power of Hansen’s kick pushed back the young man by a several steps, causing him to be shocked. He stared deadly at Hansen’s armor “You actually can block my <Ice muscle Jade bone art>, that has to be a god-blood beast spirit armor. Can’t believe thrash like you have such a good thing on you. Can’t believe the heavens are shining on me. Now give me your armor and Ill spare you.”

Hansen followed up with another kick, causing the young man to grab at his foot, pushing Hansen to the ground before kneeing Hansen in the spine.

“Ah!” Hansen screamed as his spine felt like it was about to snap.

“Trash will always be trash. Even if you have a god-blood beast spirit you are still thrash.” Xue Longyan landed punch after punch on Hansen’s head with this jade like fists, causing his head to dig into the ground. “Hand over the beast spirit. Trash like you don’t deserve it.”

“F*** your mother!” Hansen suddenly jolted back his body. His armor smashing into Longyan’s face, causing him to nose bleed immediately as he held his bloodied nose and retreated back.

After Hansen broke free, he immediately summoned the beast spirit of the blood slayer and transformed into a majestic creature before rushing straight at Xue Longyan.

Xue Longyan rose up his palm and cut towards Hansen but Hansen didn’t care. He allowed the strikes of Xue Longyan to land on his body, locking his arms onto Xue Longyans body and ferociously head-butting him.

“Who is the trash? Who is the trash? Who the f*** is trash?” Hansen landed head-butt after head-butt as if he was possessed.


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