Chapter 13: Ice Muscle Jade Bone Art

At first, Xue Longyan struggled by kicking out at Hansen but Hansen disregarded him and continued to use his head to head-butt Longyan. It wasn’t long until Xue Longyan’s body slacked. When Hansen’s anger was appeased, he found at that Xue Longyan was already dead and his face was beaten to a mash. 

The brute force of the god-blood level armor combined with the blood slayer beast spirit was something that not even a person who trained in super gene arts could block against.

 Hansen released Xue Longyan who at this point lay on the ground like a pile of mud, with no signs of life left within him.

 After Hansen released the transformation and kept his armor, he felt a tremendous pain all over his body as though his bones were about to split open.

 Hansen heaved a sigh of relief from the fear of the situation. Even with the transformation and the god-blood armor, he was still badly injured by the super gene art of Xue Longyan.

 If Xue Longyan had a similar beast spirit on him, Hansen would have definitely not stood a chance.

 Hansen looked at Xue Longyan’s body and hesitated before searching his clothes.

 Hansen took out his wallet only to find that there was no money but instead a very high level crystal card which allowed one to spend a lot of money.

 Other than that, there was also a memory shard. Hansen thought about it before throwing the wallet and the crystal card along with the body into the pool, only keeping the memory shard with him.

 A group of metal tooth sharks surfaced and ripped Xue Longyan’s body into shreds. It consumed every part of his body not even leaving any bones. It was only at this point when Hansen turned around and left.

 As he was badly hurt, Hansen decided to stop hunting and head back to steel armor sanctuary.

 Shen Tianzi’s men were still hunting for Jin Bi. The bounty on his head was also growing larger and larger. Unfortunately no one in the sanctuary had any business with Jin Bi as such regardless of how high the bounty; no one had any information about Jin Bi.

 On the streets there were still people talking about Jin Bi from time to time. Hansen went back to his room to see the copper tooth beast whose body was now green in color, only abit lighter than a mutated copper beast, probably needing a little more time before the evolution is complete.

 After teleporting out of the sanctuary world, Hansen visited a clinic and found out that he had multiple bone fractures. It took the doctor a long time before he managed to deal with all his injuries.

 Thankfully Hansen had earned 100k from Su Xiaoqiao, if not he would not have been able to afford the medical fees.

 Coming back home, Hansen locked the door and placed the memory shard into the AI machine, trying to discern the identity of Xue Longyan.

 Someone who had the ability to transverse mountains and reach the steel armor sanctuary and also trained in a good level super gene art, if it was not for his beast spirits being killed and he himself being hurt would have easily killed Hansen.

 The AI machine read the contents of the memory shard which shocked Hansen.

 “Super Gene art… It really is a super gene art…” Hansen was over the moon.

 The memory shard projected and illusion of a woman doing some weird actions while chanting some weird phrases. While doing each action, she would explain what she was doing.

 Although the woman was very attractive, Hansen’s attention was all used on the super gene art.

 “<ice muscle jade bone art>, isn’t this the technique that Xue Longyan used?” Hansen upon recalling the strength of the technique was delighted.

 After locking himself in the room for two days and nights, Hansen finally memorized all the contents of the technique. He destroyed the memory shard without hesitation as such a thing would definitely bring disaster to him. After reading the technique, Hansen knew that the status of Xue Longyan definitely wasn’t simple.

 Hansen started to train in <Ice muscle Jade bone art> and took the time to recuperate. His original plan was to save up money to purchase a super gene art however those available for purchase were low level techniques, incomparable to the <ice muscle jade bone art>

 Although Hansen knew the risks of exposing himself by practicing the art, he still dove into it. If he missed out on such an opportunity, he probably wouldn’t be able to come in contact with such a high quality super gene art.

 After training for two to three days, Hansen felt refreshed. He measured his body temperature and felt that he was actually lower than a normal human by around 2 degrees. However, he didn’t feel any discomfort but instead felt a lot better and more awake as if his body was brimming with energy.

 As he continued training, there wasn’t any further change in his body temperature but instead his spirit got better and his skin became tenderer.

 “Hansen, what have you been doing recently, we haven’t met in such a long time.” A voice from a who was around Hansen’s age came out from the communicator.

 “Go where?” Looking at the long haired guy, his mood becoming instantly better. This was Little Zhang Danfeng, his friend whom he has grown up with. His father was also Uncle Zhang.

 “Let’s talk when you come down. I’m just about to reach. Hanhao and Xueer are all here.” Zhang Danfeng said.

 “Ok.” Hansen nodded before exiting the room, only to see a small-sized personal aircraft parked outside. Zhang danfeng was sitting inside waving to him.

 Hansen boarded the aircraft. There were 1 guy and 1 girl at the back. The girl was really demure and her name was Xueer. The guy was naturally Hanhao. Actually Hanhao was Hansen’s relative. Hes the son of the fat aunty, based on seniority he had to call Hansen cousin brother.

 It was because Hanhao’s mother’s insistence and that her husband was married into the family, so Hanhao took his mother’s surname Han.

 Together with Zhang Danfeng, the four of them grew up together. It was only because of what happened to Hansen’s father that Hansen had to study in an integrated school. The other 3 all went to private colleges.

 Hansen said hi to the both of them before sitting in the co-pilot seat. Hanhao gave a cursory reply before continuing his conversation of Xueer, not caring about Hansen.

 “Xueer, too bad you arent in steel armor sanctuary, or you would have seen a shocking spectacle. Brother Bi raised his arm and instantly transformed into a half horse half human, he even had a bull head. Even Shen Tianzi had to watch the beast enveloped in golden armor gallop away into the distance…”








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  1. That And even if it WAS an art specifically aimed towards woman Who gives a flying fuck i mean ITS A HIGH LEVEL GENE ART FOR CHRIST SAKES, would you give up a piece of Really Good Legendary equipment cause it was Pink?

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