Chapter 14: Son of God

Hansen was surprised to see the talkative HanHao. He did not think that there would be so much coincidence for HanHao to also be sent to steel armor sanctuary.
Hansen calculated the time. He was three months older than HanHao, so he should have finished his 16 year old coming of age ceremony not long ago, receiving the right to enter God’s Sanctuary.
For whatever the reason, if people were transported to God’s Sanctuary before the age of sixteen, it will cause irreversible damage to the body, so the alliance ruled that they must be 16 years old to be able to enter, regardless of their background.
 “Crazy, where do we go?” Hansen looked at Zhang Danfeng and asked. Contrary to his handsome looks, Danfeng was a madman when he fought, as such that was how he got such a nickname.
“Stellar Martial Arts Field” Zhang Danfeng couldn’t hide the excitement in his eyes:” Let me tell you, Tang Zhenliu wants to have an exhibition match there. Its Tang Zhenliu, one of the 5 sons of gods last year. Furthermore he is good at knife arts, my true love…”
Danfeng said as saliva flew from his mouth, his face showing how much he yearned to watch the performance. In a world where actors, singers, video game and sports stars all lost their stages, the most popular people now were the martial artists.
In God’s Sanctuary, at a set time every year, every sanctuary will open up their martial arts fields at the same time and whoever was able to reach a certain rank would be able to carve their names on the monument on the field.
Every year, the top 100 in the sanctuary would be able to leave their marks on the monuments. However, only the strongest fighter would have the chance to join the battle of geniuses between people of the same space. If one was able to achieve top 10 in that battle, they would obtain the title of son of god, their names on the monuments for everyone to see.
These ten people, would be the hottest and most famous stars of the year.
In the last few years, the first place from steel armor sanctuary had always been Qinxuan. However, her name never appeared on the god monument, probably because of unfavorable performances as such making her unable to enter the top 10.
Tang Zhenliu was the fifth position in the last year’s battle of the first space, his fast and mad knife skills making him famous all around. It gained him a lot of envy and love from the young children, making him even more well-loved then those ranked higher than him.
A normal exhibition match of Tang Zhenliu would cost tens of millions for one to attend, not something a normal people could go and enjoy.
Although Hansen knew Tang Zhenliu was very famous and popular, he was still shocked when he arrived at the stellar martial arts field. The 100 thousand capacity field was now already filled to the brim.
Many fanatic fans were raising plagues and banners, screaming out for Tang Zhenliu.
When he finally entered the field, there were even some female fans who were overly excited and because of the screaming and the squeezing, fainted directly on the spot.
“If I am able to make it on the god monument like Tang Zhenliu, even if it is the last place, my whole life would be worth it.” Zhang Danfeng said with envy.
“Crazy, you will have your chance.” Hansen looked at the many crazy young men who came to watch Tang Zhenliu and said as he smiled.
“Its difficult. It has already been more than 3 months since I entered and although I used some money to exchange for some primitive beast meat and a primitive beast spirit, to kill a mutated beast is still too hard for me. If I was able to obtain one mutated monster spirit, then it would be so much easier. But such a beast spirit is not something someone will sell.” Zhang Danfeng shook his head.
Hansen felt really unfortunate. “In God’s Sanctuary, the only thing that one could bring out was their beast spirits. Sadly outside of the world, one could only use but not trade beast spirits, if not Hansen would have definitely obtained some mutated beast spirits and gave some to Danfeng.”
“Haha. Your luck isnt as good as mine. Not long after entering the god’s Sanctuary, I obtained a mutated beast spirit and it is even a weapon type. Sadly we arent in the same sanctuary or I would bring you all out to hunt, making it much easier for yall.” HanHao said proudly.
“F***. Really? You just entered for a few days and you already have a mutated beast spirit? Say it truthfully, did you get it yourself or did you buy it?” Zhang Danfeng asked with his eyes wide opened.
“Of course I killed it myself.” HanHao said loudly.
Hansen secretly laughed to himself. HanHao always had a problem since young which was he always raised his voice when he wanted to lie. That beast spirit was probably something his parents paid large amounts of money to purchase.
A mutated beast spirit was expensive and it took a few million to purchase. A better beast spirit would cost tens of millions. No wonder aunt wanted the old house. Such a large spending was something that could hurt them financially.
Originally the company was sold for a lot of money, however, the money was just being spent and no money was earned, as such there was probably not much left.
Tang Zhenliu was really powerful on stage although it was an exhibition match, his swift and fast knife strokes was something everyone couldn’t grasp clearly and was something no one could match.
After analysing for a short while, Hansen deduced that Tang Zhenliu definitely trained in Super gene arts. As such, his knife skills were not ordinary and not something he could match.
The end result was obviously a victory for Tang Zhenliu. Suddenly, Tang Zhenliu summoned his beast spirit and began his performance. He transformed into a 3 meter dragon like beast, destroying a human sized rock with one head-butt, surprising everyone in the stands.
“God-blood level rage beast. If only I had one of those, my life would be worth it.” Zhang Danfeng looked at Tang Zhenliu with excitement, saliva almost dripping out of his mouth.
“How is this good. The way I see it, it isnt better than Brother Bi’s. His one is the real definition of cool.” HanHao said animatedly as if he was the one who owned the beast spirit.
“Who is stronger, we would only find out after a battle.” Tang Zhenliu, who was Danfeng’s idol, was obviously annoyed when hearing Hanhao’s words. “I don’t know how strong that Brother Bi is but his beast spirit was stolen from others, not something a hero would do. Even if his beast spirit was really strong, his character has problems. How can he be compared to Tang Zhenliu?”
Hansen broke into a cold sweat. “Crazy.. Ah.. Crazy… How would you understand the pain of people at the bottom of the food chain. How could I let go of such a good opportunity. Furthermore, Shen Tianzi is my enemy.”
Hansen was originally hesitating whether or not to tell him that he was Brother Bi, but looking at the circumstance, revealing that would not be of any help to Danfeng or the others.


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