Chapter 15: Selling Meat

 After Hansen returned home, he continued practicing the <ice muscle jade one art> whilst taking care of his injuries. Every two days, he would also enter god’s sanctuary to take a look at the evolution rate of the copper tooth beast.
It took half a month from when the copper tooth beast swallowed the black crystal for it to finally become copper in color, making it look like a copper statue.
However, it still looked different from the usual mutated copper tooth beast which Hansen had seen other people hunt, as its size was at least two times smaller.
This self-reared mutated copper tooth beast was similar of size to a normal copper tooth beast, its strength and vitality did not have much increase but its size was much smaller.
Hansen took out the alloyed dagger and stabbed it into the mutated copper beast’s neck. The beast was perfectly fine but the dagger had a chip on it.
“Seems like there’s still a difference between this and a normal copper tooth beast.” Hansen summoned the blood slayer transformation, forcefully breaking the copper tooth beast’s neck using his brute strength.

[Killed mutated copper tooth beast, did not obtain beast spirit. Consuming meat chance to obtain 0-10 mutated genes.]
The notification that sounded in his mind elated Hansen. Although the mutated copper beast was different from a natural one, as long as it was a mutated beast then its fine.
Now the problem Hansen had was how to sell this mutated copper tooth beast. He desperately needed money now, if not he would have definitely consumed the meat to increase his mutated gene.
“Everyone in the steel armor sanctuary is looking for Jin Bi. It would be too dangerous if I used his identity. However it will also be a big problem if I personally sell it myself.” Hansen thought long and hard about it and decided to use Jin Bi’s identity to sell.
Su Xiaoqiao was feeling very depressed. Qinxuan had tasked him to look for Jin Bi, but his understanding of him was the same or even lesser than Qinxuan, where could he go to look for Jin Bi?
In the early morning, Su Xiaoqiao went out with a frown. However, just as he took a step, he tripped on something and landed face first on the floor.
“F***. Who is such an idiot, putting a huge rock outside my room door. Don’t let me find out who did it or I’m gonna kill him.” Su Xiaoqiao who was feeling really depressed now felt like scolding someone. However, upon closer impression, the rock seemed to be pressing onto something.
Su Xiaoqiao rushed forward to take a look, only to find a paper slip and a bag, with words written on the slip of paper. 
“50 thousand dollars of goods. If u still want some, bring money to fallen valley, I only accept cash.” Su Xiaoqiao was excited. Although there was no name on it , but a drawing of a coin at the bottom corner of the paper made it obvious whom it was.
“Brother Bi!” Su Xiaoqiao was so excited that he almost screamed out. He looked around for signs of people before picking up the little bag, keeping it together with the paper slip and running back into his room. 
After closing the door, Su Xiaoqiao carefully opened the bag only to see a long strip of jerky. It wasn’t that big, just 2-3 mouthfuls of meat. 
Su Xiaoqiao but into it, putting the meat into his mouth and chewed, before swallowing it.   
[Consumed mutated copper tooth beast, obtained 1 mutated gene]
The notification in his mind shocked and surprised Su Xiaoqiao. “Mutated copper tooth beast meat? Brother Bi hunted a mutated copper tooth beast? He wants me to bring money to fallen valley, doesn’t that mean he has more mutated meat that he wants to sell me?”
As Su Xiaoqiao pondered such a thought, he got even more excited. He has struck the jackpot this time. He could help convey Qinxuan’s words and also spend money to buy some mutated beast meat, it’s killing two birds with one stone.
Next day, in the early morning, Su Xiaoqiao began his walk towards fallen valley. However, waiting half a day in fallen valley, he still did not see any trace of Hansen.
Hansen waited so long that the sun rose up, not even seeing a shadow, less Hansen.
“F*** is he playing a prank on me?” Su Xiaoqiao was depressed. Just as he was about to leave, someone beside him said “did you bring the money?” 
Su Xiaoqiao was frightened, as he turned around to see Jin Bi dressed in golden armor jump out from beneath the grass.
“Brother Bi, don’t tell me you just hid there since morning?” Su Xiaoqiao opened his eyes wide as he asked Hansen.
“I’ve been hiding here since last night. You know my current situation… I have to be careful.” Hansen said casually. 
“Don’t worry Brother Bi, how could I betray you. You are willing to sell me mutated beast meat, I can’t be thankful enough. How could I have any other thoughts?” Su Xiaoqiao raised up his thumb, approving brother Bi of his hiding. He spent a whole entire day hiding, unable to move even an inch, that certainly wasn’t easy to bear. 
“Stop the crap. Did you bring the money?” Hansen dug out a bag from his hiding spot and threw it in front of Su Xiaoqiao.  
Su Xiaoqiao saw a bag full of the jerky he ate last morning. There were 800 grams of it, making Xiaoqiao excitedly ask:” brother Bi, all these beast jerky were made with the mutated copper tooth beast’s meat?”  
“Obviously. It is made from the entire mutated copper tooth beast. This with yesterday’s meat, 2million. Not one cent less.” Hansen said.
“Ok. 2 million it is.” Su Xiaoqiao took 2 stacks of 10thousans dollar notes and passed it to Hansen. However he did not believe that the meat was made from a whole mutated copper beast as it was too small a portion.
Hansen understood his thinking and said after receiving the money:” Its made by a method that has been passed down in my family. It concentrates the essence. You will know after eating, that this is the entire beast, not lacking a single piece of meat.” 
Hansen purposely made it into jerky so as to not let people suspect. 
“Of course I believe brother bi. Brother Bi, you should know that I work for Qinxuan, she told me to tell you that if you wanted to sell the god-blood beast axe and monster spirit, that the price could be discussed.”
“How much is she willing to pay?” Hansen had the intention of selling the axe. It was uncomfortable and inconvenient to carry it around, as such it was still being buried in the ground. 
“Well that had to be discussed by yourselves. I’m only in charge of spreading the message.” 
  “Let’s forget about meeting. You tell her that if she is really interested to make her offer and pass the message through you. If I’m happy with the price, I would consider it.” Hansen said calmly. For him to meet Qinxuan was too dangerous.


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