Chapter 16: Poison Crystal Scorpions

After Hansen met Su Xiaoqiao, he turned a corner and kept his beast armor before bringing his money back into the steel armor sanctuary. However, just as he was about to enter the city gates, he bumped into a familiar face.
“Brother Sen?” HanHao who was about to exit the city stared at Hansen with surprise.

“What? Hanhao, you know this crazy butt devil?” The men beside Hanhao all recognized Hansen, as they looked at Hanhao with strange expressions.
“No, I recognized the wrong person, let’s go.” Hanhao was stunned for a moment as he had an expression of embarrassment. 

He did not greet Hansen, walking past him.

Hanhao felt very unlucky, he did not expect Hansen to also be in steel armor sanctuary, and that he was also crazy butt devil. If it was known that he was the cousin of the famous crazy butt devil, he did not know how Shen Tianzi and Qinxuan will treat him.

Hansen laughed to himself but he did not expose Hanhao. Since Haohao doesn’t want to recognize him, then why should he sabotage him? 

As he brought the 2million dollars to his room, Hansen left God’s Sanctuary and went towards his home. He contacted lawyer Zhang and asked him to solve the problem with the ancestral home. He did everything in accordance to normal procedures in case his auntie come and cause problems again.

After finishing everything, Hansen felt a lot more relax. Everything will get better, wait till he earned more money, he would be able to send his sister to a private school. What she learns there would be a lot better than the normal education, especially some of the private schools where they could learn super gene arts.

However for one to enter a private school, apart from money, the child’s family must also have status. Hansen needed to complete his first evolution and gain the rank of noble before he could sent Han Yan to private school. 

“A noble rank isn’t too difficult for me. Even a god-blood ranked noble isn’t too difficult.” 

“Brother are you there?” Hansen’s room door was slightly opened as Han Yan stuck her head in, she dressed in pajamas with flower petals and holding a doll in her hand as she searched for Hansen. 

As she saw Hansen sitting on his bed, Han Yan ran in with her doll and jumped into his arms.    

“Little kid, why aren’t you sleeping?” Hansen pinched onto her nose.

“Yan Yan wants to listen to brother’s stories. You have not told me any stories in a long time. Everyday I look for you but you aren’t at home. Yan Yan misses you.” Han Yan said on the verge of tears.  

Hansen smiled bitterly. Ever since he entered God’s Sanctuary, he practically spent no time with Han Yan which made her feel guilty. 

“Since Yan Yan is so well behaved, big brother will tell you a story.” Hansen carried Han Yan, opened a story book and read:” A long time ago…”

Hansen returned back to God’s Sanctuary, he prepared to capture a primitive beast to evolve. For it to become mutated in half a month was simply unbelievable.

However What Hansen wanted to find out was how long it would take to evolve a god-blood ranked beast. 

A mutated beast was easy to hunt outside, but a god-blood beast was simply too difficult. In the case of the blood slayer beast spirit, if it wasn’t for so many people surrounding and attacking it, if it was Hansen alone, not only would he not be able to kill it, he would also be killed by it.
Hansen just walked out of his door and just as he was about to enter the alley, he was pulled back by a hand.    

Hansen turned around to see HanHao. HanHao pulled him to a dilapidated corner and said:” How did you cause so much trouble? You just entered for such a short while and you already made enemies with Qinxuan and Shen Tianzi.”  

“It’s not like I wanted to…” Hansen said calmly.

“I don’t care. U need to be responsible for your mistakes, don’t drag down others. Next time don’t tell people I’m your cousin and don’t say that you don’t know me. I just entered the sanctuary and have a bright future, I don’t want to destroy it like you.” HanHao stared at Hansen. 

“Ok. I won’t say anything.” Hansen knew that after his family situation deteriorated and he was sent to public education, HanHao did not have hope that Hansen would become useful, and naturally would not help him out.

“Since we agreed, you better not tell others that you know me.” HanHao emphasized to Hansen and left carefully, fearful that someone will see them together.  

Hansen left the steel armor Sanctuary, and walked in the direction of the mountain range. He did not plan on killing any copper tooth beast as consuming anymore would not help improve his body. He wanted to kill some more primitive beasts and keep on to evolve.

Hansen’s choice this time was “bottomless pit”, a cave in one corner of the mountain range where there was a poison crystal scorpion.

Because the bottomless pit was so dark, and there were many narrow paths, even if one brought lighting devices, it was still hard to spot the poison crystal scorpions hiding in the cracks.

If one was stung, even if he had primitive points up to a hundred, he would die in 3-5 minutes.

So there were little people who would choose to hunt them. However, Hansen had the black shelled beast armor, making it difficult for the scorpion to sting him, lowering the risks for hunting them.

The reason he chose the scorpions was firstly so he wouldn’t be spotted and secondly because they were small and easy to bring back, unlike those big ones where only killing one would be hard to bring back to the sanctuary.

Another reason was that if he obtained a beast spirit, that would be invaluable. The poison sting or similar sting type beast spirit weapons were strong in penetrative ability but were also highly poisonous. 

Although it was only a primitive beast spirit, but its value was similar to a mutated beast spirit.

Hansen walked walked to the opening of the bottomless pit, confirming that there was no one around before summoning his armor and entering the cave.

As technological tools had no use in God’s Sanctuary, Hansen brought a self made lighter which could light up 3 meters. There were rocks reflecting the light, making the vision poorer and harder to see the poison crystal scorpions hiding in the rocks.


Hansen didnt walk to far but he felt something hit his foot. He saw a bluish jade looking scorpion, using his sting to stab his leg. 


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