Chapter 17: A Surprising Encounter

Unfortunately, Hansen’s foot was also covered by the armor, the sting was totally unable to penetrate it, only making a loud sound.

Hansen stepped onto it with his foot, crushing the poisonous crystal scorpion.

[Killed primitive beast poison crystal scorpion, did not obtain beast spirit. Consuming meat chance to obtain 0-10 primitive gene.]

Hansen picked up the body and placed it into a bag, slinging it onto his back before continuing his adventure into the cave.

With the protection of the black shelled beast armor, Hansen was like a killing god, exterminating all of the poison crystal scorpions on the way there. After almost 1 hour, Hansen had killed almost 100 scorpions, filling the bag to the brim.

Hansen hummed a song as he walked along, picking up all the scorpions that he stepped on and throwing it into the bag.

When mom needed to earn money to raise the family, it was him who stayed at home to take care of Han Yan. Hansen would sing kids songs to him which resulted in him breaking into hums when he was delighted.

“Jin Bi?” Just as Hansen was delighted, he suddenly heard someone shout his nickname, alarming him as he turned towards the direction of the noise.

He saw a 20 plus year old women standing at a wider portion of the rocks, looking at him with surprise.

“Qinxuan!” Hansen called out in alarm, not expecting to see that woman there, making him want to turn around and escape immediately.

After he stabbed her but, her image had left a bad and scary memory inside his mind.

“Don’t go. Your animosity with Shen Tianzi does not concern me, and even if I wanted to find problems with you, I don’t have the ability to do so.”

It was then that Hansen reacted. He was now Jin Bi and not the crazy butt devil, and Qinxuan was alone and he had nothing to fear.

Hansen stopped his footstep and turned around to look at Qinxuan, only to see her with one shoe removed, her Snow White leg having a patch of black, swelling badly; obviously stung by a poison crystal scorpion.

Hansen was moved. Qinxuan whom wanted to evolve using god genes had been in steel armor Sanctuary for many years, claiming the number 1 spot. Who knows how many good items she has.

If one says she does not have god-blood level beast spirits, Hansen definitely would not believe it. The number of mutated spirits she had wouldnt be too little either.

Now that she was injured, and badly with the looks of it, although the poison might not kill her, it would reduce her fighting ability, even affecting her mobility.

“As I recall, she is also half an enemy. Although I did stab her butt, but she already gave me a slap which caused me to be badly injured. If I could use this opportunity to get some benefits, it can act as a payment for these few months of pain.” Hansen stopped to think about it, his eyes landing on her body.

As if she read his mind,  Qinxuan waved her hand, only to see a purple butterfly beast spirit fly out, transforming into a purple short dagger.

“Do you know the name of this dagger?” Qinxuan laughed as she said.

“Nope I don’t.” Hansen was shocked. Looking at the purple butterfly, it’s shined signaled that it was special, at least mutated level, possibly even god-blood level. Qinxuan summoning it was obviously not to let Hansen play with it and look at it.

“This dagger is the transformation of the god-blood level poison heart butterfly. It contains deadly poison. Would u like to see if your armor can withstand the poison dagger?” Qinxuan said smilingly.

Hansen blushed with embarrassment, luckily the armor blocked it such that Qinxuan could not notice. “You think too much. We have no animosity why would I hurt you?”

The god-blood armor might not be able to withstand  the dagger. Hansen did not dare take that risk and besides they weren’t sworn enemies. Besides her slapping him, she also did not do anything to harm him.

It was because of Shen Tianzi and his man that bullied him badly and almost caused him his chance to amount to something.

Qinxuan laughed as she kept the dagger before saying calmly,” I can’t walk normally now. If you get me out safely, I will reward you handsomely.”

“Why did you come here alone?” Hansen did not agree and instead asked her a question.

Hansen was curious. Non of the scorpions were killed on the way here so what was her purpose of coming here?

“Originally I wanted to kill mutated poisonous crystal scorpions  but I did not expect them to be so cunning, taking the opportunity that my ambergris was about to be used up before grouping up and attacking me, causing me to be unable to escape from the cave. After the ambergris was used up, they were no longer fearful of me, so I was able to run out here, but was also stung, making me unable to escape any further.”

After saying that, Qinxuan looked at Hansen and said,”You and Su Xiaoqiao do business for money. If you ensure my safety, I can give you a large sum.”

“You were stung by a mutated poison crystal scorpion?” Hansen looked at Qinxuan with shock.

“If it was a primitive scorpion sting, I would not be begging you for help.”

Hansen was silently considering. He now knew that Qinxuan used an ambergris to scare the scorpions away. She thought that Hansen used a similar method  and doesn’t know that Hansen has already killed all the scorpions outside. If she did know, she would just walk out herself and not ask for his help.

“You did not kill the mutated poison crystal scorpion?” Hansen asked.

“I killed it, but sadly did not get any beast spirit. It’s body was also left in a pile of scorpions. Without the ambergris, with all the scorpions there no one can pick it up.”

Hansen rolled his eyes,” I can bring you out, but I don’t want the money, I just want a mutated beast spirit as payment.”

“Isn’t that too greedy of you?” Qinxuan stared at Hansen.

“To Miss Qinxuan, a mutated beast spirit isn’t much. Don’t tell me saving your life is not worth a mutated beast spirit?” Hansen said, unwilling to backdown.

“You are exactly as what Su Xiaoqiao said, only caring about money. Okay I agree, as long as you get me out safely I will give you a mutated monster spirit.”

“Miss Qinxuan is so straightforward. So it’s a deal!” Hansen said before strolling towards the depths of the cave.


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