Chapter 18: Mutated Beast

“Where are you going?” Qinxuan creased her eyebrows as she asked.

“Wait for me. I will get the body of the mutated poison crystal scorpion before bringing you out.”

“There are too many scorpions in there, don’t you need something like the ambergris?”

“Real man don’t use such a thing.” When Hansen said that, he was already deep into the cave, slaughtering the blue crystal like scorpions one by one.

Qinxuan looked towards Hansen with a doubtful expression,”I got fooled by you. All the beasts outside were killed by you right?”

“Miss Qinxuan is certainly smart.” Hansen shook the bag on his back, only to see the scorpion bodies falling out like rain, instantly piling up into a mountain.

Although Qinxuan had predicted it, but seeing Hansen actually kill so many scorpions, she was still very shocked.

Hansen placed the mutated poison crystal scorpion into the bag before shoving in as many primitive scorpions as possible before stopping.

However, looking at so many scorpions lying I front of him, Hansen felt that it was such a waste. He grabbed one and peeled it open using his dagger, throwing the crystal white meat into his mouth.

[consumed poison crystal scorpion meat, obtained 4 primitive gene points]

Hansen ate one after another without stopping, eating all the poison crystal scorpions that he could not store at once, his stomach which was hiding under the armor was bulging.

At the start, Hansen gained some primitive gene points, however after a while, he only gained points after a few and after that, he stopped gaining any points.

“You are hopeless. You can even eat such a disgusting thing, really not wasting any benefits.” Qinxuan has never seen a person like Hansen who had so many good things but still wouldn’t let go of other small benefits.

“Let’s go.” Hansen stood down beside Qinxuan, wanting to carry her out of the cave.

“All the scorpions outside were already killed by you. I can walk out by myself, there’s no need for you to carry me.”

“Anyways you have already promised me a mutated beast spirit. Why not just enjoy the good treatment. Anyways your leg is already injured, it’s better if you don’t move around yourself.” Hansen said calmly.

“That’s true.” Qinxuan bit onto her lips, carefully climbing onto Hansen.

Hansen was wearing armor, as such he was unable to feel her body on him. He carried Qinxuan, his arm pulling onto her shoulder, the other grabbing the bag as he walked out of the cave.

Qinxuan who weighed around 60kg, to someone who had obtained so many gene points was not considered much. In a short while, Hansen had managed to carry her out.

“Where do you want to go.” Hansen asked.

“Back to the sanctuary.” Qinxuan said.

Hansen did not speak any further as she carried Qinxuan back towards the steel armor sanctuary. After around an hour, Hansen suddenly stopped before putting her down.

“The sanctuary is not far from here and there are many people who walk by here. Just ask for them to send you back.” Hansen raised his hand,”my mutated beast spirit.”

“I already asked Su Xiaoqiao to ask you if you wanted to sell the god-blood axe and beast spirit.” Qinxuan called out her black cat looking mutated beast spirit before painfully passing it to him.

“What price would u be willing to pay for the axe?”

“2 million.”

“That is a god-blood level treasure, you couldn’t even buy a mutated beast spirit with that.”Hansen said as he frowned.

“Although a god-blood treasure is good, but u can’t bring it out of God’s Sanctuary. Beast spirits can be used outside so which is more valuable. God-blood treasures are naturally lower than beast spirits l. If u were willing to sell both, I would be willing to buy it for 20million” Qinxuan said.

“One mutated beast spirit and 2million.” Hansen said.

“The mutated beast spirit is impossible. I’ll give you 5 million.”

“2 mutated beast meat and 2 million.” Hansen said.

“Your request is too much.. last price 6 million that’s my limit. Besides u can’t bring the treasure out of the sanctuary.”

“Ok. You go prepare the money. I’ll tell Su Xiaoqiao the time and place for dealing.” Hansen waved his hand before grabbing the bag and leaving.

“You won’t consider selling the beast spirit? 20million is the base price it still can be discussed.”

“Nope.” Hansen left without turning his head.

Qinxuan looked at Hansen with confusion,”his armor couldn’t even be stabbed by the sting of the poison crystal scorpion, don’t tell me it’s also a god-blood beast spirit?”

The more Qinxuan thought about it, the higher the possibility. Even if it was a normal mutated beast armor, facing the sting of the scorpion wouldn’t be so easy.

“Who is he? He definitely isn’t military.” Qinxuan thought Long and hard but couldn’t discern his identity.

Hansen took another route before changing back to himself, carrying the bag back into the steel armor sanctuary.

The gates no longer had any of Shen Tianzi’s men, obviously giving up on that stupid method.

Just as Hansen was at the gate, he bumped into HanHao and his Gang.

“What a coincidence crazy butt devil. We meet again. Looks like you’ve gotten some good rewards. How many mutated beasts are in there?” A young man laughed as he said.

“One.” Hansen said calmly.

“Haha, you really know how to joke. Mutated beast? That bag is probably filled with black shelled beetles.” The young man mocked him,  causing everyone to laugh out loud, no one believed that Hansen could hunt a mutated beast.

“HanHao, don’t recognise the wrong person next time. Having a relationship with such a person, you would have 8 lives of bad luck.” One of the men patted HanHao on the shoulder and said.

“It was a mistake. How would I have anything to do with the crazy butt devil.” HanHao said with embarrassment.

Hansen did not bother about them as he grabbed the bag and walked into the sanctuary, walking back to his room.

Hansen kept the body of the mutated poison crystal scorpion, preparing to sell the other primitive scorpion bodies to Su Xiaoqiao.

Although the black crystal could evolve a mutated creature in half a month, however Hansen did not have that much time. He still needed to evolve a god-blood beast.


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