Chapter 19: Celebrity Noble Area

In the dead of the night, Hansen placed a bag of poison crystal scorpion and a paper slip outside the door of Su Xiaoqiao’s room. He knocked a few times before running into the nearby alleyway. Only after seeing Su Xiaoqiao take the bag into his room did Hansen leave.
Dealing with Qinxuan was a success. Hansen obtained 6 million from her and the 8 million from the bodies of the poison crystal scorpion. When he returned to his room and looked at the box filled with money, Hansen leaped for joy.
Even when his Father was alive, Hansen had never seen so much money.
Hansen took the money and left God’s Sanctuary. At this moment, he did not want to do anything other than to share his joy with his Mother and sister. They finally do not need to suffer, their tough times are finally over.
Although he earned 2 million before, the money was used to solve the problems of the ancestral home and Non of it went into his pocket. This 6 million on this other hand truly belonged to Hansen, so this feeling was totally different.
Although the money wasn’t enough to buy a luxury aircraft, but to Hansen, it was the most money he had seen in his life.
“Mom, Yan Yan, come over, I want to show you something.” Hansen dragged his Mom and Sister into his room and opened the box filled with money, pouring all the money onto the bed.
“How did you get so much money?” Luo Sulan’s first reaction wasn’t surprise but fear, fear that her Son had done something dangerous.
“Mom I killed a mutated beast and obtained a mutated beast spirit. This was what I earned from selling them.” Hansen did not over exaggerate things as he did not want his Mother to get too worried.
Hansen would rather die than reveal the thing about the black crystal. That was something that could cause an extermination of family. He would rather keep that to himself for the rest of his life than reveal anything for fear that it would cause the death of his family.
“Little Sen, u shouldn’t have sold it and should have kept it for future growth. Our tough times mean nothing, we could have gotten over it.”
“Mom don’t worry. There will be more chances next time. I already ate the mutated beast meat and gained some gene points, making hunting monsters much easier.” Hansen said.
“But…” Luo Sulan still felt that an opportunity was wasted, that a mutated beast was not so easily killed.
To a normal person, killing a mutated beast was a great fortune, similar to hitting the lottery, there would be no second chances.
“Yan Yan is also starting school soon. I don’t want her to go to a public school like me, where there’s no future.”
Luo Sulan looked at Hansen before looking at Hanyan, tears filled her eyes,” its all my fault. I did not take care of y’all properly.”
“Mom you were able to bring us up, it’s already very noble, you should give a chance for your Son to show his worth.” Hansen smiled as he picked up Han Yan, “Yan Yan, what would u like to it. Today we are going to have a feast.”
HanYan was elated,” I want to eat blue gem ice cream.”
“Okay let’s go. Today I’ll let you eat to your fill.” Hansen rubbed Han Yan’s nose.
“Blue gem ice cream is so expensive. Even if we have money we should save and spend less. You could use it to buy some more meat…”
“Mom, just this once.” Hansen pulled Luo Sulan and walked out of the home.
“The thing of you killing a mutated beast and getting its beast spirit should not be bragged. I don’t want you to end up like your Father.” Luo Sulan nagged at Hansen.
Ever since Hansen’s dad got into an accident, Luo Sulan’s life views changed. She did not want Hansen to be like his Father and care about so many things, just a normal happy kid.
“Mom don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. We will leave the money with you, do what you want with it.” Hansen held HanYan with one hand and held his mom’s hand in the other as he walked out.
Blue gem ice cream was famous in the entire alliance for being delicious. Obviously it was expensive with the cheapest being close to 10 thousand.
The neighbour’s children often ate it, however, HanYan being born at the wrong time had never been able to taste it due to the dire straits of her family.
Luo Sulan did bring Hansen to eat it several times, in his memory it was very delicious. But a Long time has passed and those memories had became fuzzy.

The three of them came to the store and after entering found that all the seats were filled, with many people queuing up for the ice cream.
“Let’s sit upstairs.” Hansen had looked up at the second floor window before entering and found that it was empty so he wanted his Mother and Sister to sit and wait for him to queue for the ice cream.
Who knew that they were stopped by a shop attendant just before they reached the stairs.
“Sorry you can’t go up.”
“Why isn’t it empty?” Hansen asked.

The male attendant’s face showed displeasure and contempt as he pointed to a sign on the wall,” you have never eaten blue gem ice cream but you must have heard of the shop rules right?”
Hansen looked at the small sign only to see the words “celebrity noble area”.
Hansen instantly understood what was happening. The second floor was only for people with power and normal people did not have to right to sit there.
No wonder the decorations of the second floor looked better than the first and that even if the first floor was full with people queuing, that the second floor was still empty.
“We aren’t tired, we will just wait at the side. Little Sen go buy the ice cream for Yan Yan.” Luo Sulan tugged Hansen, wanting to get him out of the awkward situation.
“I’ll go now.” Hansen laughed, queuing behind the large group of people, seemingly not caring but in his heart was a strong yearning.
“Celebrity.. noble…so what? Very soon I’ll have all that and even more. I won’t let that stupid sign block my path.”
After purchasing the ice cream, there were still no empty seats, Hansen could only take it away. Before leaving, Hansen had one final look at the sign.
“Celebrity noble area!”


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