Chapter 20: It’s Her?

The morning of the second day, Hansen sat on the train to the teleportation portal. On it were many men and women who were going towards the same place.
Normal people couldn’t afford teleportation devices at home so they could only use the portals to get into god’s Sanctuary.
The driver of the train was very impatient today. Just as Hansen was pondering about what to do when he entered the sanctuary, the train jolted, causing everyone standing in the train to nearly fall.
Hansen who was just thinking about something stumbled forwards, bumping into something soft.
His subconscious made him want to grab onto something, but this grab instantly felt wrong as it felt soft and bouncy.
Hansen found out that he knocked into a lady in army uniform, his body pressed onto his back and his hands were just nice cupping onto her breasts.
“Asshole!” That woman hollered, elbowing Hansen in the face. If it landed, it would have completely destroyed his face.
Hansen reacted by raising his hand to block, only to feel a strong force landing on it, forcing him to stumble a few foot backwards.
The girl had already turned around and stared at Hansen, shouting in surprise,” its you… butt…”
“Qinxuan!” Before the women completed her words, Hansen had already blurred out the name of the women in uniform. She was the one who had caused him to obtain the nickname of crazy butt devil.

Hansen did not expect Qinxuan to also be on planet Loke. And it seemed like she had entered the military and became a soldier.
A soldier in the alliance wasn’t surprising. When a legal citizen of the alliance became 20, they needed to serve at least 5 years. When Hansen becomes twenty, if nothing special occurs, he would also become a soldier.
Qinxuan recognised Hansen but did not make a move, staring at him coldly.
Hansen bitterly laughed to himself,”She probably thinks that I did it on purpose. I stabbed her butt by accident, now.. if I was her I would not believe I was innocent.” 
“The alliance is so big and there are so many planets, why did she have to be on planet Loke? And why so coincidentally I had to meet her and have such a situation?” Hansen sighed, however it was too late and could only wait and see what would happen.
One could not injure others in the alliance so Qinxuan did not want to cause a commotion so she just stared and Hansen and did not do anything else.
Hansen was petrified from all the staring, as soon as the train reached the station, he quickly got down, who knew if she followed him.
“You really are unforgivable. I thought it was an accident but who knew you were so despicable.”  Qinxuan said as she stared at Hansen.
“You saw it that’s now… the train jolted and many people stumbled like me. It was all a coincidence.” Hansen tried his best to explain.
“If you were me, would you believe?” Qinxuan said coldly.
“What do you want?” Hansen asked her. Besides, Qinxuan concluded Hansen was an asshole, any explanation by him would be useless.
“You are really shameless. Not having regret after doing such a thing, it must definitely be a habit. Do you think I’ll just send you to the police and let them lecture you and it’s over? It’s not that simple. I might not be able to beat you up here but I’m god’s sanctuary it’s different. I’ll wait for you there.”
Qinxuan immediately turned around and walked towards the teleportation portals.
Hansen felt aggrieved but there was nothing he could do. He couldn’t not enter the sanctuary from now onwards, so he plucked up his courage and went into the teleportation portal.
“Station master Qin good morning.” Just as Qinxuan walked to the front of the portal, the soldiers beside the portal saluted her.
Hansen was stunned, his eyes widened beyond belief as he looked at Qinxuan, tears on the verge of falling.
The teleportation portals were directly under the jurisdiction of the troops and each station would have a unit. The leader of the unit would be the station master.
When he heard the last station master was transferred away and that the new station master had arrived, he had never expected for it to be Taixuan.
Hansen had a bad premonition that his days were at its end. As a station master, Taixuan had the ability to find out when he entered or left the station, knowing his whereabouts at the tip of her fingers.
Even if Hansen wanted to change teleportation portals it would be impossible. Planet Loke only had 3 portals and the other two were very far away. Hansen could not waste time to travel there.
Hansen could only take the chance when Qinxuan went to the office building at the station to quickly enter god’s sanctuary. He decided to wait till when Qinxuan transported out from steel armor Sanctuary before returning himself.
Hansen did not give Qinxuan any chance, taking the jerky made by the meat of the mutated scorpion and left the steel armor Sanctuary.
“My luck recently has been really bad. Has it all been used to acquire the black crystal?” Hansen looked really depressed.
A short distance away, Hansen spotted Shen Tianzi’s man standing outside the sanctuary, seemingly discussing something.
Hansen did not bother to listen to what they were saying walking towards the opposite direction. Who knew Luo Tianyang would shout at him,” crazy butt devil come over.”
Although he was unwilling, Hansen turned around and stared at Luo Tianyang.
“I’m calling you. Come over. Why you still standing there? Big Brother has something good for you.” Luo Tianyang waved for Hansen to come over, the smile on his face showing bad intentions.
“There’s no need. My strength is too little. I can only kill normal beasts. I can’t even kill primitive beasts, sadly I won’t be of much help.” Hansen knew that the reason Luo Tianyang called him over would definitely not be a good one.
“Cut the crap. Do you want to get beaten up? I called you here so I obviously have something good for you.” Luo Tianyang stared deathly at Hansen.


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