Chapter 21: Underground dark River

Apart from Hansen, Shen Tianzi also hired 30-40 brave young man who were willing to die for money. Altogether, they left steel armor Sanctuary, towards the mountain range.
Although people knew that nothing good will come out of Shen Tianzi using money and looking for manpower, but because of the great rewards, many people were willing to take a gamble.
If it was the old Hansen, if he wasn’t marked by Qinxuan and Shen Tianzi, he probably would have risked it for the money.
Now, Hansen had no need to risk his life. It was obvious that Hansen and the other man were going to be used as cannon fodder, making him feel enraged.
Hansen followed them quietly, guessing what they were up to. When Shen Tianzi recruited them, they only told them that they were going to kill a mutated beast. As there were many normal and primitive beasts, so they needed many men.
However, Hansen did not believe such lies. If it was only to kill a mutated beast, Shen Tianzi and his man would definitely be able to complete it.
Aside from Shen Tianzi, the tens of strong men he has under his charge, all had the ability to kill mutated beasts. What need was it to hire so many man just to kill a single mutated beast.
Luo Tianyang and the men casually killed all the beasts they faced, dividing the spoils to the men that were hired, making everyone happy.
The group of guys walked for 6-7 days with no signs of stopping, only after the 8th day did they set up camp at the mouth of a cave.
Here was very far away from steel armor sanctuary and there was no signs of human movements. If any signs of life, they were definitely beasts. On the way here, Shen Tianzi and his men killed many beasts and turned many into food before throwing the rest away.
“We are nearing there… don’t know what they are up to?” Hansen did not hear any new details but looking at the increasingly serious faces of Luo Tianyang, this certainly isn’t simple.
After fixing everything in camp, the morning of the second day, Shen a Tianzi brought everyone into the cave. After walking 10km, they found a huge crack in the ground, stretching deep into the depths of the cave. 
The group lighted their torches. Shen Tianzi let the hired men lead the group, walking down into the large crack.
The men who knew that they were risking their lives were all very apprehensive and walked forward slowly and carefully.
“Why are y’all so slow? Like girls… faster! Do you not want the rest of the money?” Luo Tianyang smacked a whip onto the back of a few man, saying coldly.
The hired men had no choice but to quicken their steps.
Hansen blended into the group and walked together with them. Although it was a downhill walk, it wasn’t too difficult and nothing much happened. It was until they walked to the bottom of the crack did the men finally let out a sigh of release.  
The bottom of the large crack was too dark, only illuminated by the flames of the torches. The light revealed a large underground space, with a dark river flowing towards a cave entrance, into the dark unknown.
“Cross the river… to the cave at the opposite side.” Luo Tianyang shook his whip and pointed it to the other shore.
“Brother Luo. I don’t know how to swim. The river is too wide I can’t get across.” One of the recruited young man said.
“No one asked you to swim. There’s an air balloon boat. Just pump it with air and sail over.” Luo Tianyang opened his bag to reveal many boats, each one able to sit 4-5 men. 
The group pumped all the boats up using the small handheld pumps, and in groups of 4-5 sailed across to the other shore.
As the water speed wasn’t too quick, one wasn’t afraid to be swept away, so two boats quickly made their way across.
All of a sudden, a loud splash followed by a black figure broke out of the water. Half its body appeared out of the river like a snake, its body rougher than a barrel, covered with black shiny scales as it opened its mouth, looking like it could swallow a cow. 
However, this time what it swallowed wasn’t a cow but the one of the live men on the boat, right into its mouth, crushing the boat with its body, the remaining man dropping into the water.
The group of men were shocked, paddling the boat back to the original shore with all their lives, those that were about to set sail ran away.
Suddenly a knife glimmer flashed across as Luo Tianyang and another men killed the two fastest runner. He pointed the blade as it dripped blood,” There’s only one Monster, if you get across you will live. Whoever took the money and still dare to run I will kill him. Live or die it’s your choice.”
The men were stunned by his brutality, and were forced back into the water by Luo Tianyang and his men.
“Shen Tianzi those thugs… they wanna feed the Monster with these men.” Hansen cursed and swore. Those men who landed in the water all tried to swim back but were all dragged back into the water by an unknown force.
The water surface was dark and one couldn’t see what had happened to them. But the strong smell of blood gave everyone a rough idea.
The group of mercenaries did not dare to paddle forwards so Luo Tianyang started slashing at them, scaring them.
When they entered the water, no one dared to dilly dally. They paddled their hardest hoping to survive. The opposite shore was their hope at survival and the longer they stayed in the water the higher the chance of them dying.
Hansen rowed and raised his torch, illuminating the surroundings. If the Monster really appeared from the water, he would not hesitate to summon his god-blood beast spirit to save his life.
The Monster appeared from the water once again, exploding one of the ships. The men on board screamed, following by sounds of water churning.
“Why are you stunned there? If you want to live paddle faster.” Hansen shouted at the men who were stoning, paddling the boat with all his energy. “Shen Tianzi and his group has no conscience, even doing such an immoral thing.”
The two man who were scolded by Hansen were startled and continued paddling. In the nearby waters, screaming and struggling could be heard. The number of men who were swallowed by the beast were unknown.


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