Chapter 22: Broken Egg all over 

Without a doubt, this scary snake was a god-blood level beast. A water beast was already hard to kill, not to mention a god-blood level water beast.

Shen Tianzi brought so many strong men without the intention to kill the beast, only wanting to feed it with the men they hired so that they themselves could cross safely.

Hansen paddled with all his might while scrutinizing the opposite shore at the same time. When the boat was in the middle of the river, the light from the fire could shine to the opposite shore.

 Ever since Hansen trained in ice muscle jade bone art, his body was greatly strengthened and his eyesight has been greatly improved such that it seemed as if he had night vision. He could clearly see that on the wall of the opposite shore was a 2-3 meter cave. That was the only exit and it was probably where Shen Tianzi and his man wanted to go to.

Hansen was sizing up the cave, when he suddenly heard a loud splash from the water. Hansen side stepped only to see the giant scaled snake popping out two meters away from the boat. The snake was charging towards the boat, wanting to swallow it, the men on the boat could clearly see it’s scary tooth.

Hansen jumped into the water without hesitating, immediately summoning the black shelled beetle armor. It wrapped around his body and with a huge jolt, Hansen shot towards the shore.


The entire river crossing process was brutal. The black scaled snake had an incredible appetite, killing 30-40 men and only allowing 2 boats which held 7 men to cross the river.

The black scaled snake did not appear out of the water again.

“Tianzi, although that snake is god-blood level, it’s iq isn’t high. Now that it’s full, it’s safe for us to cross.” Luo Tianyang laughingly said.

“Cross.” Shen Tianzi ordered. His 10 men split into 3 boats and started crossing.

“Why you still stunned there? Walk into the cave.” Luo Tianyang whipped the 7 survivors, chasing them into the cave opening.

The survivors were petrified, walking into the cave, they trembled in fear. It was too late to regret. They shouldn’t have been greedy for the money. Now that they are gonna die here, what use is all that money.

On the way in, no beasts were found on the route. In almost 30 minutes, they had already reached the end of the cave.

The end of the cave was a small lake, and along the lake was a 10 meter broken rock nest. And in then nest were two ostrich sized eggs with black flower patterns.

“Haha not bad. God-blood level eggs and two at that. My god genes can rise to above 80.” Shen Tianzi was elated.

Facing such happiness, Shen Tianzi did not lose his rationality and gave Luo Tianyang a signal. Luo Tianyang instantly understood and used his whip to force the survivors to get the eggs.

The few survivors trembled toward the nest and carried the eggs out.

However, just as they were about to walk out of the nest, they saw the surrounding lake bubbled. And then with a loud peng! Water gushed out. Along with the water, a giant snake head popped out. A pair of cold red eyes staring at the men who were carrying the eggs.

“F***. Why are you stunned there? Throw the egg here.” Shen Tianzi shouted at the men but they were frozen with fear. Their legs were like jelly unable to move, and no one replied to his shouts.

“F*** useless garbage.” Shen Tianzi scolded, summoning his blood red sword, raising it and rushing towards the men.

Luo Tianyang and the other men didn’t dare to be slow, calling out their weapons and charging behind Shen Tianzi.

In a few steps, they reached the survivors. Shen Tianzi snatched across the two eggs, turning around and running out of the cave.

The black scaled snake cared about its own eggs, upon seeing him running, it was enraged and charged out of the lake, biting at the men.

“Block him.” Shen Tianzi shouted, charging towards the exit of the cave without stopping.

Luo Tianyang was even more ruthless. He grabbed onto two shivering survivors and smacked the snake in the face. The snake bit onto one, swallowing him within the link of an eye.

The other men followed suit, making the survivors their meat shield, blocking the snake’s attacks and retreating to the cave exit.

Shen Tianzi ran quickly with the two eggs. In a jiffy, he rushed to the exit. Just as he was about to celebrate, he suddenly saw a golden fist appear in his eyes, enlarging in front of his eyes.


Never did he expect that the side of the cave hid a man. Being hit by such a sudden fist, his face started bleeding and his nose was whacked crooked. His whole body flung backwards, he reactively raised his hand to his face.

The two snake eggs he held near his chest flew out, only to see a golden armored jump up and grab an egg, running towards the shore of the river.

“Jin Bi!” Shen Tianzi covered his face and slammed into the ground. He immediately got up, seeing that unique armor, one obviously could recognized who it was. He clenched his tooth and shouted.

Hansen made use of the chaos to swim to the opposite side, but instead of going ashore, he hid behind a stone, waiting for Shen Tianzi to enter the cave. He carefully followed behind, just nice seeing Shen Tianzi bringing the egg out. He casually punched him, taking the other snake egg and keeping it.

Hansen only felt unfortunate that his crescent gun was destroyed, or he could have killed Shen Tianzi.

Just as Hansen ran to the side of the river, he saw the waves turn, a giant black scaled snake emerged.

“F*** why is there still one more.” Hansen turned his head to take a look, only to see Shen Tianzi and his men being chased by a snake.

“Jin Bi continue running! See how I’m gonna f*** you.” Shen Tianzi hated Jin Bi to the bone, seeing him being stopped by the giant snake, he was elated.

Seeing the black scaled snake that emerged from the river staring at him, Hansen frantically turned around, using strength on his left hand and throwing an egg towards Shen Tianzi,” Catch. One egg per person. Let’s work together to fight it.”

“Who wants to split with you. I want both eggs and I want your life.” Shen Tianzi thought Hansen was stupid, snickering as he catches the egg. However the money he touched it, the snake egg broke and the egg yolk and egg white covered his entire body, stunning him instantly.


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