Chapter 23

The black scaled snake in the river made a weird shriek, rushing towards the egg covered Shen Tianzi crazily. He did not care about Hansen who was standing aside, his eyes only for Shen Tianzi.
Hansen turned and ran without hesitating, bringing the remaining snake egg and jumping into a boat. He rowed towards the opposite shore, not bothering to spectate the outcome.
He still had one snake egg on his hand so if the two black scaled snakes chased after him, he would be in big trouble.
“Jin Bi, f*** you…” Hansen could hear the raging of Shen Tianzi, followed by a streak of weird sounds like human voices and beast roars.
Hansen rowed to the other shore in a single breath and after jumping on shore, he ran out of the large crack. Even when he was outside, he did not stop and followed the original track back towards the steel armor sanctuary.
After a while of running, Hansen hesitated. If Shen Tianzi and his men escaped and chased after him, they all had their mounts so how could he outrun them.
He clenched his teeth and went into the neighboring woods. He rather take a longer route than take such a risk and getting caught by Shen Tianzi.
Shen Tianzi and his men all lived several years in steel armor sanctuary, each had several strong beast spirits. Even if they couldn’t kill the 2 snakes, they would definitely be able to escape. It was better for him to be safe.
To prevent any further developments, Hansen chose a deep corner in the mountains and gathered some tinder. He covered the egg in a layer of mud and cooked it in the fire.
While cooking it, Hansen said,” pure lifeform, before you see such a dirty and cruel world, let me take up all this sin and sent you to a pure world.”
[killed god-blood ink jade dragon baby. Did not obtain beast spirit. Consuming meat can obtain 0-10 god genes.] after cooking for a while, the strange notification appeared in Hansen’s mind.
“Wow so this isn’t a snake. Sadly I didn’t get a beast spirit.” Hansen greedily thought.
Soon, the ink jade dragon egg was cooked. Hansen used a stick and got it out, breaking the layer of charcoaled mud and breaking the egg shell into half. After peeling off the shell, he could see the soft white egg white.
Hansen took a mouth, a fragrance filled his mouth as it was many times more delicious than chicken egg.
[Consumed ink jade dragon baby, obtained one god gene]
Hansen ate the entire egg, feeling his stomach to the brim. He gained a total of 5 god gene points adding to the original 8, Hansen now had a total of 13 god gene points.
Hansen took a long route back to steel armor sanctuary, but it was already 8-9 days after. Shen Tianzi and his men had already returned 2 days earlier.
However, everyone of them were injured and only 8 returned. Many of Shen Tianzi’s close followers had died.
Shen Tianzi kept their activities a secret, even though Qinxuan and Brother fist tried hard to scour for details, they couldn’t find anything out.
However, subsequently through many of the hired men who had dropped into the water and survived, Qinxuan and Brother Fist found out what Shen Tianzi went out to do.
However the survivors did not know what had happened afterwards so Qinxuan and Brother Fist assumed they were just injured by the ink jade dragon.
Sadly, they only had half of it right. The reason why they were in such a terrible state was because of Hansen and his one egg.
If not for that, even if they didn’t manage to bring back an egg, they wouldn’t have been forced into such a situation against the two black scaled snakes.
Shen Tianzi was afraid of being laughed at so he did not tell others about what had happened, however, he secretly started another new round of search for Jin Bi.
“Wasted opportunity… Shen Tianzi and Luo Tianyang these two scums didn’t die.” Hansen upon finding out about the situation heaved a sigh.
Originally he was afraid that if he returned alone that Shen Tianzi would doubt him and confront him.
Now that there were so many people that returned,he naturally didn’t have much to worry about. He captured a primitive copper tooth beast on the way back to the sanctuary. If Shen Tianzi asked he would just say he was washed to shore and survived.
It was apparent that Hansen thought too much as Shen Tianzi did not waste time to find trouble with him and assumed he was just lucky to survive, not linking him with Jin Bi.
In a blink, half a month passed. Hansen left God’s Sanctuary to go home to see his mom and Han Yan. Who knew that even before he stepped out of the teleportation gate, he saw Qinxuan who was dressed in uniform, staring at him coldly.
“Wow you are really good at hiding. It’s been half a month and you did not come out, did you really think I would let you off for what you did? You did something wrong so you must be punished.”
“Miss Qinxuan what must I do for you to let me off?” Hansen asked depressingly. Qinxuan was the station master so hiding from her was impossible. 
“If you want me to let you off, that’s easy. Take this and follow me.” Qinxuan threw a fighting suit to Hansen.
“I’ll go. But you won’t actually kill me right?” Hansen bit his teeth as he carried the fighting gear and followed Qinxuan back to the teleportation portal.
However this time they didn’t teleport to God’s Sanctuary but into a fighting room.
Hansen changed into the fighting gear and walked into the room. Qinxuan was already ready in a black and red fighting suit standing in the middle of the room.
The fighting suit was not simple dresses. They were made by high technology material with defensive uses. Inside were sensor technology to record data of various fighting moves and other body data.
Such as heartbeat, breathing, punch speed, movement speed etc. those will be all recorded and even strength of hits will also be recorded down to allow the user to understand his ability and deduce his training methods.
“If you can beat me, I’ll let you off.” Qinxuan taunted Hansen, signaling that he could begin his attack.
“If you wanted my life you could have just said it. You’re someone with close to 100 god gene points as have so many high leveled beasts and trained so long in the military. I’m only a graduated student how could I win you?” Even if Hansen could win, he did not want to reveal that he was Jin Bi. Furthermore, he didn’t know if he could beat her.
“We both won’t use beast spirits. If you can take 50 attacks from me, all our previous problems will be forgotten.” Qinxuan said casually.
“Ok that’s a deal.” Hansen thought in his heart,”You can’t use beast spirits and I’ll only defend and not attack, I don’t believe I can’t defend 50 strikes.”


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