Chapter 24

Qinxuan had made up her mind to give Hansen a good lesson. The first time when Hansen stabbed her butt, she could take it as ignorance… but the second time in the train, it is hard to call that a coincidence.
She had concluded that Hansen was a jerk. After warming up her arms and legs, she walked in front of Hansen and said,”You can start first.”
Hansen’s fist landed on Qinxuan’s face, causing her to hold her nose and retreat a few steps, her eyes staring at Hansen in disbelief.  
She had never seen such a person like Hansen. Just as she asked him to go first, he actually threw a fist without hesitating. His action exceeded what Qinxuan was prepared for, she was unable to react quickly and added with the distance being too close, she was hit in the nose by Hansen.
If she remembered correctly, in a fight in the fight room, shouldn’t the two parties walk to the middle of the room and get ready in their fighting stances? As a man, they would normal act chivalrous in front of her. Even if they weren’t strong, they would still act manly. Who would be like Hansen, throwing a punch even before Qinxuan completed her words, even hitting the part which the protective gear didn’t cover.
“Sorry..Sorry… it hasn’t started?” Hansen apologized profusely, in his mind he thought that since he would see her at the teleportation station often, he should give in to her and let her vent her frustration. He wanted to end it quickly and didn’t expect his punch to land on her nose, causing it to redden up and her eyes to flood with tears.
“It has already started, let’s continue, you…peng…” just as Qinxuan told him to continue, even when she had words to say, Hansen just threw another punch straightaway, landing at the exact same sport. Qinxuan who was hit once again held her nose as she stooped on the ground, the pain causing her to tear.
“Didn’t you say we should continue, we thought…” Hansen explained.
“I’m gonna kill you…” Qinxuan jumped up from the floor and she disregarded all the rules as she threw punches and kicks and Hansen.
Hansen tried his best to block them, but quickly he realized that the techniques he learnt in public school were far inferior to Qinxuan’s techniques. He couldn’t even defend them and in 2-3 punches, she broke through. He barely survived tens of punches before being knocked down by a punch.
“You didn’t block 50 moves, let’s continue next time.” Qinxuan ruthlessly turned around, leaving the hurt Hansen on the ground.
Hansen laughed bitterly as he stood up. Luckily he was wearing the fighting gear and don’t get injured badly. It was only some superficial injuries, however he didn’t let Qinxuan vent his anger today and instead made her more angry.
Hansen left the teleportation sister and went home. Qinxuan took a bath at the station and retrieved the video and data from the fight with Hansen, prepared to delete the video.
She was the station master and the strongest woman in steel armor sanctuary, and she actually got beaten to tears by two punches by crazy butt devil.she was like a little girl in tears, how could such a video be seen by others.
Before deleting, Qinxuan viewed the video again. Qinxuan realized that although her carelessness was a reason, but it wasn’t the most important reason why she was hit by Hansen.
“Don’t tell me..” Qinxuan repeatedly watched the part when she was hit and looked at the entire video several times and compared it to the data from the fighting gear.
“So it’s actually true. His fighting style is weak, at the level of integrated education students, but the speed and explosiveness of his attacks are unexpectedly high.” Qinxuan looked at the data and said at the same time. “His attacks also have a certain feel, like that of a killer. Before he attacks, you can’t sense him wanting to attack. There’s no change in his emotions and no killing aura, however his fist contains all his strength. This separation of action from emotion is like that of an assassin, unleashing a deadly blow out of nowhere.”
“No, he should only be a student who just graduated, how can he be a killer? And looking at his skills he shouldn’t be a good killer. Don’t tell me it’s his god given talent?” Qinxuan pondered, only settling on such a possibility.
Little did Qinxuan know that ever since Hansen entered God’s Sanctuary, he had made enemies with Qinxuan and targeted by Shen Tianzi who had feelings for her.
No one dared to be together with Hansen and trade with him. The just graduated Hansen had to hunt beasts with just a normal alloyed dagger with no experience.
Even if it was a normal beast, to a newbie it meant a life threatening risk.
Many beasts were in groups so Hansen had to wait for a chance to kill stranglers if not a group of normal beasts would surround him and he would definitely die.
To lower the risks to the minimal obviously was to ambush and assassinate what was most important was that he couldn’t let the beast who had more acute senses then humans to feel endangered. In the starting two months, this was mainly what Hansen had trained in. 
After many failures, slowly hiding his emotion and dangerous aura, letting beasts not sense him.
In the end, the docile beasts could not sense Hansen even as he walked beside them, getting killed by him out of nowhere.
Although it looked despicable, but this was the only way for Hansen to survive in God’s Sanctuary.
When Hansen proceeded to hunt primitive beasts, he never stopped to train and improve his attacking methods, ingraining it into him.
Although his methods were far from that of an expert, but his grasp on explosiveness and unexpected attacks were comparable to trained high level assassins. The only difference was that he killed beasts and not humans.


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