Chapter 25

“His power and speed and explosiveness are all not bad. His gene evolution levels seem not bad or did he train in super gene arts? Qinxuan took a further look at the data but she didn’t put it much to heart.
Hansen’s data was better than an average person. However such data was very common in steel armor sanctuary. For it to appear on him was surprising but it wasn’t of much concern.
“His talent is not bad. Sadly his character is too bad. Hes a pervert and despicable. He has no hope, I should beat him up again next time.” Qinxuan thought ruthlessly. ”
Because of his two punches, she labeled him as despicable. It’s hard for anyone to think that his attack style was ingrown in him such that it was an instinct and a reaction.
In the ink jade dragon cave, Hansen could punch Shen Tianzi in the face was because of his attack method. If not Shen Tianzi with his gene points, super gene art and reaction, even in an unprepared situation wouldn’t be hit by anyone.
Specializing in sneak attacks sounded despicable but it was very practical.
After returning home and eating with his mom and Han Yan, he rested at home and didn’t go back even on the second day where he visited a martial arts dojo.
What Hansen learnt in the public school was only basic martial arts which everyone could do.
However as humans strengthened their bodies with genes in God’s Sanctuary, they were different from normal humans in their strength, now being able to train in new martial arts that normal humans can’t.
These new martial arts apart from high level schools, could be easily learnt in martial arts dojo, taught by professional martial artists. 
The difference from traditional martial arts was that new martial arts did not need a master or for a person to go under a certain martial sect, it only needed money. The more money the stronger the martial art.
Of course, the new martial arts had a certain requirement for the body. If the body wasn’t strong enough, he wouldn’t be able to train in it.
Hansen was poor before and had a poor body strength. However he was now totally different. He had 13 god gene points and several of other genes. His body strength increased tremendously and with him learning ice muscle jade bone art, his body strength was quite good in his age.
This dojo known as “battle god” was a very famous dojo in planet Loke. It’s fees were expensive but the level of new martial arts were good. The master of the dojo was a retired militant who was famous when he served. However he wa seriously injured during a war and retired to open the dojo.
Everyone called this man “old ghost”z if one wanted him to teach them, it was easy, you just needed to pay enough and he would teach you anything.
“Young man what would you like to learn? We have beginner, intermediate and advanced, punching, kicking, weapons, even certain super gene arts can be learnt.beginner class can choose a beginner art for 10k dollars. Intermediate for 100k and advanced for 1 million. Special class is 10 million and you can learn everything. Young man you look special and certain for you want the special class, 12 types of martial arts for just 5 million. ” the old man smiled at Hansen greedily .
“I’ll just enroll in the advanced class and I want to learn <evil spirit possession>.Hansen had a reason for coming here. His dad has came here before and told him that the old ghost has a special martial arts that was really good, sadly his body condition was not good enough and sadly couldn’t learn it. He always felt regret and nagged at Hansen that he had to learn that martial art.
Hansen’s purpose of visit was specifically for this evil spirit possession. His dad had told him that if it was used on a woman, it would have an unexpected outcome and even help a weaker person win against a stronger opponent.
Hansen had angered Qinxuan again and she would definitely not let him off. That was why he remembered what his father said and wanted to try his luck. Furthermore the 1 million fee was nothing to Hansen.
“Evil spirit possession is a new martial art. Although it’s only high level, but it requires a very high body condition, probably higher than some special martial arts. It needs at least maximum mutated gene points. Is your body condition good enough?” The old ghost looked at Hansen. The evil spirt possession art had not been taught in a long time due to its high body requirements.


“You can test if I reached the level required.” Hansen wasn’t sure if he could make it but based on logic a guy with 13 god genes was definitely better than a person with maximum mutated genes.
“To test your body it would be 10k dollars.” The old ghost placed a card scanner in front of Hansen.
Hansen told out his crystal card and swiped it, making the greedy old ghost happy as he brought Hansen to test his body condition.
After 10 different types of tests and exams, the old ghost was shocked when he looked at the results. ” your body condition is very good. Is your normal, primitive and mutated genes all close to max?”
“Can I learn it?” Hansen did not reply. His mutated genes wasn’t even 10 points. For him to have such good body condition was due to his god gene and the ice muscle jade bone art.
“Sure, 1 million.” The old ghost didn’t ask anymore and just placed the card scanner in front of Hansen.
Although Hansen was sad that his hard earned money was spent just like that, he clenched his teeth and swiped his card.
“Young man you have a good future, follow me. You must first memorize the evil ghost possession art.” The old ghost placed Hansen in a video room and opened the video player. What was shown was a video of the old ghost explaining and demonstrating the evil ghost possession art.
After looking for a while, Hansen was shocked. “What the f***, no wonder it has such a special effect on woman. I didn’t expect dad to be such a person!”   


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  1. Oh, whats this?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Anyway i dont know what this art is yet but it definitely will make Qinxuan hate him more
    Thanks for the chapter


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