Chapter 25

“His power and speed and explosiveness are all not bad. His gene evolution levels seem not bad or did he train in super gene arts? Qinxuan took a further look at the data but she didn’t put it much to heart. Hansen’s data was better than an average person. However such data was very common […]

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Chapter 24

Qinxuan had made up her mind to give Hansen a good lesson. The first time when Hansen stabbed her butt, she could take it as ignorance… but the second time in the train, it is hard to call that a coincidence. She had concluded that Hansen was a jerk. After warming up her arms and […]

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Chapter 23

Kong!  The black scaled snake in the river made a weird shriek, rushing towards the egg covered Shen Tianzi crazily. He did not care about Hansen who was standing aside, his eyes only for Shen Tianzi. Hansen turned and ran without hesitating, bringing the remaining snake egg and jumping into a boat. He rowed towards […]

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Chapter 14: Son of God

Hansen was surprised to see the talkative HanHao. He did not think that there would be so much coincidence for HanHao to also be sent to steel armor sanctuary. Hansen calculated the time. He was three months older than HanHao, so he should have finished his 16 year old coming of age ceremony not long […]

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