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Chapter 15: Selling Meat

 After Hansen returned home, he continued practicing the <ice muscle jade one art> whilst taking care of his injuries. Every two days, he would also enter god’s sanctuary to take a look at the evolution rate of the copper tooth beast. It took half a month from when the copper tooth beast swallowed the black […]

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Chapter 14: Son of God

Hansen was surprised to see the talkative HanHao. He did not think that there would be so much coincidence for HanHao to also be sent to steel armor sanctuary. Hansen calculated the time. He was three months older than HanHao, so he should have finished his 16 year old coming of age ceremony not long […]

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Chapter 12: Who is Trash?

In no time at all, Hansen spotted a wounded, tired looking teen walking towards the deep pond. “Friend. There are metal tooth sharks in the pool.” Hansen came out from the bushes and informed the young man from afar. His reason for warning the young teen was not only so that he didn’t go over […]

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Chapter 11: Who is Jin Bi

Hansen was digging a hole at one corner at the foot of the mountain, preparing to bury the golden double-edged axe in it.   Although he used the blood slayer transformation to escape the clutches of Shen Tianzi, there was still a limit to the time he could stay in the transformed state. Transformation type […]

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Chapter 10: Blood Slayer

As Hansen hid himself on top of the rock shaped mountain, the god-blood beast actually ran in his direction. Just when he was hesitating whether to retreat, Shen Tianzi unbelievably shot down the god-blood beast with one arrow. At that moment, courage grew in Hansen as he rushed down the rock-shaped mountain and summoned his […]

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